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20 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm

Who: Anyone and everyone
Where: File City
What: Dynasmon X and his armies attack!


Dynasmon cruised through the sky, just above cloud level, surveying his surroundings as he headed towards File City. This land was disgusting. It was one of the few areas that remained unconquered by his master, all because of Alphamon. The Lord of the Empty Seat had returned from his self-imposed exile, and was now opposing his master. Whatever loyalty Dynasmon had felt towards Alphamon was long gone. He was flying towards the city right now to destroy him, once and for all. It mattered not that he was surrounded by walls of steel and an army of Digimon ready to die for him. Die they would, for Dynasmon was unstoppable, the most supreme force upon the Digital World outside of his Master. The others who had joined him could not match his power – it had been so when they were but lesser creatures, and it was so now. Single-handedly, Dynasmon had brought the resisting elements of the Digital World to a heel. It was he who had crushed the mightiest of the opposition, and he alone. He needed no armies.

Banking left, he hovered over the city. He would need to attack now, before Alphamon detected his presence. As he made ready his attack, something caught his eye and he stopped, his concentration disrupted. At the entrance to File City were two Machinedramon – they did no matter – and four human children with Digimon. Digidestined! Everything was plunged into shocking clarity: his master’s absence from the Digital World made so much sense now! He knew of these children, and was waiting to see what they would do. A wise decision given the history of the Digidestined, Dynasmon conceded, but an unneccessary one. He had explicit instructions from his master to not attack the Digidestined, which altered his plans slightly – he would have to call in some reserves, after all – but, from what he observed, they were little threat. One girl was screaming loud enough for him to hear at another one, who had already turned her back and was walking away. They would pose absolutely no threat whatsoever divided like this! His master would be pleased...perhaps pleased enough to allow Dynasmon, his most loyal and powerful servant, to destroy them personally.

In the meantime, he decided to have a little fun with them. Allow them to feel despair, by seeing the might that they faced.

“Breath of Wyvern!”

A blinding blue light shot from his body, coalescing and taking the form of a dragon, charging down towards the Digidestined. At the last moment, it swerved away, and carved through the two Machinedramon just behind them, obliterating them instantly and taking out much of the front wall of the city in a blinding flash. Dynasmon smirked. Such a display of power would surely get their attention. It seemed to get the attention of the sentries, who were already flying towards him. An Angemon streaked towards him, golden light shooting from its hand, and Dynasmon allowed the beam to glance off his wing, speeding forward and slashing at it in contempt with a claw in retaliation, slicing it to ribbons and scattering its data to the winds. Such impudence from such weaklings was not to be tolerated.

“Dragon’s Gust!”

He beat his wings once, blowing the remaining airborne Digimon back and obliterating them in the backlash of energy it caused. Pitiful. If this was the best Alphamon could offer for resistance, he would soon be joining his pathetic allies in death. Ignoring the Digimon on the ground and the Digidestined, he landed atop the hill overlooking File City.

“Hear me, Alphamon! You have opposed the will of the new master of the world, GranDracmon, and you shall atone for your crimes on this day! So do I, Dynasmon, loyal servant of the master of all, decree! All forces, attack! Crush all who resist, and turn this pitiful city to ash!”

A hoarde of Vilemon and Bakemon burst from the forest behind him and swept over the hills, charging towards the city. Overhead, several Devidramon swooped in to harry those below, unchallenged now that Dynasmon had removed the aerial forces. At his side, a Phantomon hovered, awaiting his pleasure. Dynasmon raised a clawed hand and pointed at the Digidestined.

“Keep a close watch upon those humans. Test them, but do not kill them. I shall deal with Alphamon personally.” Without waiting for a response, he took off, overtaking the armies below him easily and heading towards the building where he knew his former commander would be lodged. It was time to settle old scores once and for all.
lyrica_lark on July 20th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
As Dracomon spoke, Lyrica frowned. Why Jeanette was heading to talk to the enemy who seem nothing but evil was something simply stupid, she thought. The ice girl didn't seem to actually want to make peace with the Digimon, she realized, but with other purposes Lyrica couldn't even imagine. She thought it was pretty uncool of Jeanette.

Psychemon, on the other hand, seemed pretty angry. It was so out of character of him that Lyrica would have giggled if the situation was different.

"Dracomon, Alphamon is in the city! Are you sure Jeanette wasn't thinking like me, that going to Alphamon was the safest choice?", she turned to face Psychemon, "Sorry I left you behind, I felt kind of lost back there."
She scanned her Digimon's expression, a mix between anger and hurt. She wanted to ask him what was bugging him but she didn't want to lose more time. On the other hand, Psychemon was as lost as she was about Jeanette, but reckoned Dracomon as a wise one. He grabbed Lyrica by the leg.

"I'm not letting you inside the city. He is right, Lyrica, your plan is just bad! His tamer is crazy, poor thing, but you and I, we-should-not-go", he worded, and tried avoiding Lyrica's punches.

"I won't stay here to die, Alphamon will protect us!"

Suddenly, they were all pulled on top of black muscular fur. Dobermon was rushing towards the city, and Lyrica was fascinated.

"This was Strabimon? You serious? Didn't you just adopted this and left the other behind?", she said, relieved to have her team back. She smiled at Psychemon, but he had become jealous at the fact Strabimon had digivolved in such a short time. Maybe it wasn't even his first time, and that annoyed him more. Sadden by the fact his bond with his tamer wasn't as deep, he growled. He didn't get why Lyrica had so many doubts about digivolution.