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20 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm

Who: Anyone and everyone
Where: File City
What: Dynasmon X and his armies attack!


Dynasmon cruised through the sky, just above ground level...Collapse )
lyrica_lark on July 23rd, 2009 06:02 am (UTC)
The pat had been a bit unsatisfactory, but she smiled back.

"Digivolving would be so, so easy if my partner here would cooperate ", said Psychemon, and Lyrica glared at him. This time, however, she did thought about the process, and maybe it was her problem after all.

She started to talk back, but Psychemon got distracted. He had noticed Latte and Salamon, and ran towards them. His movements made him fall on top of Salamon, and he was clever enough to return to Lyrica without the small Rookie noticing what had fallen over her. Or so he thought.

Lyrica have a half-smile when Liza took out the elements. She tilted her head, but quickly made up her mind to ignore the weird action.

"Ehem, well, this place Psychemon told me about is..."

She stopped, and started doubting. What was this Village about? They were going to move anyway, and they didn't know where to go at all, so the journey could give them tips or even allies. Plus, why would somebody name the Village "of Beginnings" if something was not going to start there. She continued, proudly this time.

"The Village of Beginnings, it is a place where things start! And it sounds pretty friendly as well.", she was doing a good job in sounding secure, Psychemon had to admit, but her words were a bit silly.

"It's through the forest, in that direction", he said while pointing. He was now eager to reach the place, hoping it was as shiny as ever.
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 23rd, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
(OOC: Sorry! My internet didn’t work last night. DD:)

Liza wrote down the name of the village and looked in the direction of where the partner digimon pointed. Damn, she should have brought a compass that would work in this atmosphere; the one that she did bring, unfortunately, didn’t exactly seem to work. She needed to keep in mind of the geography of this place, and though her knowledge was limited, she guessed that this girl and the rest of the Digidestined at least knew a bit more about the locations and the details.

That said, however, she was probably the one left out the most on the information. What’s more, Renamon was relatively young, and didn’t exactly remember much about her life before she came into the real world.

So, for now, she had to rely on these people for the information.

That, and, hopefully, there would be a few allies that she could talk to about this.

Liza looked at the edge of her field of vision at Latte. Something seemed to be bothering this one, something that seemed to be making her unusually quiet. For a moment, Liza wondered if this issue had affected the girl’s feelings, then pushed the thought aside.

She did not know how to deal with people, and any attempts to do so may reveal her weaknesses easily—or even make her isolated from the rest of this team.

She turned back to the other girl and her digimon. So far, it seemed that the digimon knew more than their partners, considering that most of them have been in this place for a while before they came to the real world.

She would have to rely on them for now. Until she finds a way to strengthen Renamon and help them with her own hands, she would have to rely on them alone.
psychiatriet on July 23rd, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
[OOC: I will never figure out education systems. XD]


Dracomon raced up the stairs and out onto the roof, to find his partner bruised and battered.

"Dracomon." Jeanette's voice was faint, and strained with pain, "It doesn't look like I can stand."

"What the hell happened to you?! Idiot! Don't go running off into the claws of psychopathic monsters again!"

Jeanette attempted to raise herself up, only to fall back down again. Dracomon picked her up in his claws, knocking against her Digivice in the process. As soon as his claw touched it, it emitted a blinding flash, and he felt himself Digivolve into his champion form, Coredramon. Well, this would make things considerably easier. He flapped his new wings experimentally before taking off.

"Well Jenny, what do you think of the new me? Much more impressive, hmm?" he looked down expectantly, only to find that she had passed out in his arms. He snorted. "Wonderful."

He circled around a few times, then started flying slowly over the city, surveying the damage. Dynasmon and Alphamon had sure wrecked the place, and Phantomon's army had done some superficial damage. File City wasn't about to house any Digimon anytime soon. He shook his head sadly. It was a mistake to come here.

This was the first time he had ever Digivolved and, despite the dire circumstances, he was quite pleased about it. He flew aimlessly, savouring the freedom that flight offered, admiring the view whilst watching for activity below, or some sign of something electronic Jeanette could use her Digivice on to return to her world.