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20 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm

Who: Anyone and everyone
Where: File City
What: Dynasmon X and his armies attack!


Dynasmon cruised through the sky, just above ground level...Collapse )
neoubermensch on July 22nd, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
Luc all of a sudden felt the whiplash of Lyrica's arm whip against his own neck pulling him back into her. Clenching his teeth, he tried to use what little muscle he had against the momentum to still cling onto his digimon. They managed to go into enough side streets for the Bakemon to begin to divert their attention, however they needed to find an exit, the only one being blocked by plenty Grandracomon fiends. They would have to create another exit, or a distraction in order to find their way out of the city. And they had to, it was only a moment of time that they had to escape.

"D-D..." Luc tried to mumble the words out of his mouth as he felt his body weaken from the lack of oxygen. Dobermon, sensing his partner's weakness dove into a corner filled with trash as to stop abruptly without making a sound, letting everyone tumble off of him. Now able to fall out of Lyrica's hold, Luc started to rub his neck, coughing slightly as he began to regain oxygen.

"This won't do." He sighed wearily, "They will catch up if we don't go on..." However, Luc's energy was quickly regained as his head perked up, "Well... hmm... So another pawn arrives."

As the group seemed to be mixed in with a group of garbage and other disposed knickknacks, they were a bit hidden though not in the most desired smell. However, standing out on the edge of the street in direct spotlight, blatantly open to the oncoming Bakemon's direction, was a new human being.

"How shall we receive our guest?"
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 22nd, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
She had found them.

At least, three of them.

What she was to say to them, however, she didn't know. She had not prepared to meet them in such a manner.

What's more, the blond boy at the front of the group seemed to be glancing at her with a look that she particularly didn't like. It reminded her of the time when she had to deal with the bullies and when she had to fight back the violent way.

She had gotten suspended from that incident for knocking one of the girls unconscious, and her parents had punished her for such behavior. Nevertheless, she had learned that people were willing to stay away from her once they realized that she would continuously fight back with everything that she had in the most vicious of ways if they were to ever try to walk over her.

But, never mind that. She needed to know why they were here, and what was going on in the first place.

She needed a goal to fight towards, and a plan.

To win whatever war they were fighting in, and to get every single one of them out alive.

She unclenched her hands and walked towards them.
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 22nd, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
[OOC: Agreed. And, just to warn everyone, I might be off and on the internet because it doesn't work at my home very well ^^;]

Renamon blinked at the scene before her. It seemed that Liza had caught the attention of the three Digidestined, though she suspected that Liza probably hadn't intended to be seen out in the open so much. From what it looked like, however, there were also four digimon with them...


"It seems that one of the Digidestined is missing."

Liza nodded. "In front of these people," she whispered quietly to Renamon, "it's better if both of us talk as little as possible. Somehow, I think that if they were to know too much about you and I, they would take to us in the same way as my classmates would consider me. And I think you know how those people are."

Renamon winced, but nodded. She had seen how Liza's peers would jeer and mock her whenever she walked past them in the hallways of her high school, and even though she wasn't allowed to interfere, the fact that Liza was prone to such treatment every day for hours on end seemed too much.

Not that the Digital world wasn't brutal, though.

The fact, however, was that her partner seemed to almost avoid most of human contact in any means, and could only hope to become someone that the society could accept one day.
lyrica_lark on July 22nd, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)
[OOC: It was! X3]

Mimicking Latte, Psychemon ran towards the new human girl with enthusiasm.

As he did, Lyrica was covering her hands, and didn't dare to look at anybody, especially Luc. While it had been Latte who ruined the plan, she felt responsibility as well, since it had been Psychemon who had finished the scene. She watched in between her fingers how Psychemon was running with Latte. How clever of him, but he was going to receive punishment sooner or later. She cleared her throat, and tried looking cool once more.

"Eh, I'm sorry about, well, you know,", she said to Luc, pointing towards her hands, then his neck, and then to Latte and Psychemon. She turned to Dobermon, and thought how silly they might have been all looking.

Just then, she noticed Salamon. The poor things was surrounded, and her attacks were useless. She was about to call Psychemon, but on better thought, he would definitely be defeated or make things more difficult for everyone, as seconds before. Lyrica did remember he did a fairly good fight before, but that wasn't enough.

She turned towards both Luc and Dobermon. "Do something!!"

She gasped. Lyrica realized she was asking for help in such an obvious way, knew how much of a weakling she was being. She wasn't pleasing anybody.
Smiling, she ran towards the Bakemon, scared, and tried helping Salamon, failing dramatically. A Bakemon appeared from behind, and she didn't have time to dodge.

"Glitter Horn!"

Psychemon had made his way in time, but Lyrica knew the Bakemon was almost unaffected. She noticed the rookies were getting hurt, and she was now making things difficult for them.
neoubermensch on July 22nd, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
(OOC: Lol it's okay, I love to jerk around with my characters just as much as I love toying with their personalities. XD)

Luc could feel a lingering impatience with Latte. Between these two girls they have caused more of a problem than a benefit towards their success. Luc knew that numbers were more powerful in battle, as clearly Dobermon could not stand on his own in any of the given situations, but none of the other provided any help. He was starting to have his doubt with even staying with the group alone. Perhaps if Luc was more self-preserving he would have followed Jeanette's plan to return home, but as for now he was certainly more amused than he's ever been in a tactical game on land. Fencing was done in a costume with secured armor, the only score assessed by mechanical equipment.

However, Luc as the rightful politician, kept his facade in tact, waiting a bit prior to walking his way over to the newcomer. He instead turned back to Lyrica,

"Well now, no need to be embarrassed by all the physical intimacy, I'm sure it's bound to happen since we will all be in such close contact with one another." Luc delicately brushed two strands of hair from hanging in front of Lyrica's eyes, knowing fully well the provocation of his words. "Don't worry, we'll figure something out... you are not at fault..." He picked himself up, dusting the garbage from the body which he only grimaced at slightly. He liked being clean as much as he could, but a shower seemed like it'd be a long way from now.

"Latte, is it your intention to have your digimon digivolve by throwing yourself into danger? We all know it did not work well for Dracomon." Luc said as he pointed towards the Bakemon approaching steadily, he used the name intentionally, knowing it was a sore point for the digidestined.

"Otherwise I feel you may have erred us. Dobermon is in poor condition to fight, especially at that number." It was true that Dobermon, though okay was now far tired from his sprint and immediate landing. The digimon needed time to rest before a fight, or at least some help, otherwise it wouldn't take long for him to lose his champion form.

"Enchanted." Luc gave a bit of a curl to his lips as he looked at the digidestined who seemed more matured than the others. "I hate to put this burden on you but I do how your digimon is
neoubermensch on July 22nd, 2009 05:41 am (UTC)
"I hate to put this burden on you but I do hope your digimon is prepared to digivolve, there are higher levels around her than our own. We will need another champion level.
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 22nd, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
Liza's eyes narrowed as she glanced at the Bakemon that were attacking one of the partner digimon and one of the girl Digidestined. "Renamon, destroy them."

"Right," Renamon said, as she slipped into a stance and jumped up into the air in the exact angle needed.

Turning to the blond-haired boy and the girl who was now approaching her, Liza held out her hand. "I apologize for the lateness. My name is Liza."

Diamond Storm!

Noticing the flash of light to her side, Liza's eyes immediately diverted to the small battle that Renamon was having with the Bakemon in terms of taking their attention away from the battered partner digimon. She inwardly held her breath as Renamon dodged one of the Poison Claw attacks from the virus digimon and hoped that her partner wouldn't be even remotely tired or injured from this little scuffle.

They were already in trouble from the previous battle, and now they had to deal with themselves.

Liza mentally sighed. Perfect.
psychiatriet on July 22nd, 2009 05:58 am (UTC)
[OOC: Holy jesus. XD]

Dracomon sighed, "Alright. Jenny is capable of taking care of herself without my help. She'll probably welcome the time to herself in any case." he laughed nervously, although wanted nothing more at that moment than to jump off Dobermon and search for her, and damn whoever got in his way.

Overall, Phantomon thought it was going rather well, despite the arrival of the other one. None of their Digimon seemed capable of reaching the ultimate stage yet, and in any case, they were young and inexperienced. If worse came to worse, he could incapacitate them himself.
What he did NOT count on, however, was the presence of another Royal Knight. Signified by the arrow that narrowly missed him and almost completely demolished the scenery beyond.
"TIME OUT!" the Bakemon around him looked confused, "I do NOT get paid enough for this! I don't get paid at all, as a matter of fact. I'm leaving. You lot can handle these kids whilst I go see our illustrious leader, can't you? Jolly good!"

Jeanette hung limply from Dynasmon's claw, unusually detached from the whole process. Her attempt to reason with the Digimon had failed. How unusual. Speaking to these Royal Knights would do no good, perhaps. She would need to speak with the source, GranDracmon, directly. This wasn't going to get her anywhere. Still, Dynasmon had no intention of destroying her - he would have done so by now - although he may harm her a little. As she thought that, he released his grip suddenly, and she felt herself falling. Thankfully, she was still above the building, so guessed she wouldn't die from the fall. It was going to hurt, though. She curled up, presenting as small an area to land upon as possible.
She struck the roof of the building with jarring impact, the breath driven from her. As she lapsed into unconsciousness, the last thing she was was a blue light, and heard a faint scream...
alphagainforce on July 22nd, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
"Release her! Now!" Alphamon attempted to stand, his entire body protesting at the act. Above him, Dynasmon laughed.

"Release her, you say? Very well." he opened his claw, and the small figure fell back to the roof. He laughed, "That should stop the insect from going anywhere whilst I take care of you. Now, prepare to..." he trailed off, for Alphamon was no longer standing weakly on the ground. A strong blow the back of the head alerted him to where Alphamon was, and he spun, in time to receive a combination of punches to his chest and face.

Irritated, he caught Alphamon's hand in his claw and squeezed. Alphamon cried out in pain, to Dynasmon's delight, and he grabbed his other hand, using his superior size to pull him up like a puppet. He looked in the other's eyes, "So, you still have some fight in you," he pulled on Alphamon's arms again, hearing armour creak in protest as it was slowly ripped apart, "You have been judged, Alphamon, and found wanting. This is your just punishment." he began to glow, "BREATH OF WYVERN!"

A blue dragon of far larger proportion than the one he had summoned earlier rose from his form, towering over both him and Alphamon. Alphamon looked over Dynasmon's shoulder, spotting the Digidestined girl on the roof. She stirred, and he relaxed. She was going to be fine. She, and the others like her, were all that really mattered.

The dragon dived, engulfing him. White light blinded him, followed by a strange, calming blackness. Then even the blackness was gone.
neoubermensch on July 22nd, 2009 07:33 am (UTC)
"Luc, and Dobermon." He eloquently answered in response to Liza. However, just as he seemed prepared to fight with her, the Bakemon retreated, which only seemed more threatening to Luc then their previous situation,

"We shall perhaps take this opportunity to make a quick exit..." But as the words left from his mouth, the blue blast engulfed the sky in a flash of light and slowly the light around File City seemed to fade from it.

Something holding the fabric of the digital world died that day, that was certain enough. Dobermon, as the other digimon who were under Alphamon's leadership, felt anguish within themselves. It was a natural instinct he certainly had, as his strength seemed completely sapped from his body. Dobermon bowed his head and closed his eyes before letting out a sorrowful howl.

Even Luc was no longer smiling. He saw for what it was, and how much harder it would be for them to stop what was happening. It came to the boy's attention that, regardless of what he thought of the human world, when a digimon was bad they were possibly more wicked than the most vile human, if only for the fact that human strength is nothing compared to that of these creatures. Only mass technology would create such destruction, but the hierarchical situations within each of the nations did not hold such immediate destruction. This entire matter was not going to be easy, and he highly doubted that if they were the ones standing between the digital world and the human world, they were in for a heavy burden. For now, Luc had to unwillingly play a pawn to Alphamon's game. After all, it's only a matter of time before they would have to stop running. He must figure out why digimon needed humans, otherwise they would have been overpowered ages ago.

He closed his eyes and bowed his head for a moment. In a quiet tone, Luc directed his voice towards Dracomon, "I think you may now attend to your partner. It seems that for now, we are in a safe position, though we must exit this city as quick as we can. We will all wait for you in the forested area outside the gate... I don't believe you should have any difficulties... but we must think of the rest of our safety first."

He then knelt down and pet Dobermon's fur. The loyally ferocious digimon was in a meditative state now. "I'm sorry Dobermon. You know very well I don't intend to be made a puppet of this world, so you and I will take it into our own hands."
psychiatriet on July 22nd, 2009 07:49 am (UTC)
Like every other Digimon, Dracomon felt Alphamon's death the moment it happened. It was if a great void had opened in his very being, and he shared Dobermon's sorrow. Alphamon, defeated? It didn't seem possible. Yet this feeling could not be denied: he was gone. A major blow had been dealt to the side of good this day, and he could not help but feel that they were responsible for it.

"Right." Dracomon jumped off Dobermon, "Thank you for your help, Luc. Although I wouldn't wait for me. I follow Jeanette, and she will refuse to co-operate with all of you, even now. She doesn't need anyone, although I think this might be one time that she may be wrong in her judgement. Still, our paths will cross again, of that I am sure." he set off with grim determination towards the center building. Jeanette would probably be up there, if she hadn't gotten herself killed in that blast as well. Although Dracomon was certain she was alive, for he would have felt her loss, as well.

Jeanette came awake slowly, acutely aware of the pain that wracked her body in waves. She twitched, and almost lost consciousness again. The sounds of battle appeared to have died down somewhat, although she was not sure, for her hearing was strangely muffled, and the beat of her heart deafened her. Then she remembered - she had been thrown by Dynasmon. Well, cast aside, to be accurate. She was lucky he had been quite low down; she guessed she had fallen no more than 10ft. She was extremely lucky to be alive. She waited a moment, breathing deeply, and opened her eyes. The sky was shockingly blue, she noted absently. She tried moving again, and although her body protested, the pain was slightly less. She tried to stand, and found that she couldn't. She had either broken her legs, or lacked the strength. Resolutely, she began to crawl towards the stairwell, her progress painfully slow, the pain jolting her with every movement. "That...was not...one of my best...ideas..." she said aloud, her voice wheezing in her ears. She probably needed medical attention. She doubted she was bleeding internally, but she had never hurt so much in her life.
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 22nd, 2009 08:06 am (UTC)
(OOC: I think I might have to leave for now. ^^; Four words: research paper due tomorrow)

She couldn't stand it anymore. They were now out in the open, and with little assistance and no idea of what the situation was. What was worse was the fact that she still had no idea who she was fighting, where they were, and what they were going to deal with.

What's more, it seemed as though another digimon was completely obliterated by one of their enemies.

Another ally lost.

Liza caught Renamon by the arm to prevent her from chasing the Bakermon. "We need to get out of here. They retreated for a reason."

"Dang it," the digimon smiled sheepishly. "I guess…I got carried away with the fighting. Sorry, Liza."

"That's okay," Liza patted her on the arm. "Now, let's go to the forest area near the gate and see what we could come up with. This place is not safe from any higher level enemies." What’s more, we still haven’t come up with a plan to defend ourselves, she thought irritatedly.

She then turned to the tall boy and the girl whose digimon partner had been attacked in the first place. “Um…it’s probably better if we could stay together in a way that isn’t out in the open. The fact is that this is a war, and that none of us have even digivolved our partners as of yet. We also probably need to find a secure place to plan everything—surviving, facing off an ambush, and combating whatever enemy we are fighting. So far…I don’t know of any place here that is secure enough yet.”
dynasmon_x on July 22nd, 2009 08:18 pm (UTC)
(OOC: I thought everyone was out of school/college/university by now O_o)

Dynasmon savoured his victory, letting out a dragon's shriek. Alphamon was finally dead! There would be no funeral for the Lord of the Empty Seat, and no last words. He had been destroyed, his data scattered to the winds of the Digital World. He had not deserved a warrior's death for the pitiful display he had put on. With this one act, the Royal Knights had been rendered useless, less than a threat. Alphamon was the core that bound them together, and he was gone. There would be no guidance for the Digidestined now. The Digital World belonged to GranDracmon in all but name, and Dynasmon would change that very soon.

Phantomon appeared at his side, a shadowy presence.
"Master, there is another one here!" it said.

"Another Royal Knight? Who? Who would dare?" Dynasmon wheeled around, thirsting for battle once again. He had just destroyed the most powerful of their ranks, the others would provide little challenge. But still, sport was sport.

"I did not see, my Lord...I was too busy ducking for cover." Phantomon replied, "I believe he may have fled the scene-"

"Useless." Dynasmon swiped at the Phantomon in irritation, shredding it and scattering its data. The presence of such incompetence was intolerable. Next time, he would take more worthy soldiers with him into battle. Next time, he would face the Digidestined, and he would make them suffer.

He considered for a moment taking the girl he had discarded on the rooftop, but ultimately decided against it. She had been beaten and battered, he would allow her to savour her defeat and succumb to despair before he took her life.

Wheeling away from the battlefield, Dynasmon sped back towards the Dark Area. Overall, this had not been much of a challenge. Perhaps he would destroy a human city next time...
lyrica_lark on July 23rd, 2009 02:20 am (UTC)
Lyrica would have thanked Renamon, but a blue light distracted everyone, and changed everything in seconds. Alphamon's data was seen scattered in the air, and Lyrica's eyes widen. Alphamon had been a symbol, the representation of safety in her mind. Without understanding why, she started to cry.

Psychemon was injured, but he managed to stay in rookie form. A great leader had disappeared, and he himself was sobbing, but he wanted to stay strong. Her tamer felt defeated, and he knew it. The fact she didn't trust him made Psychemon realized she didn't believe even Dobermon, the only example of strength the team had at the time, could become a saviour. She was just going with the flow, trying her best, but she had just understood the situation. Death was, indeed, a path anybody could follow if the wrong steps were made.

Using her hands to clean her face a little, she got closer to both Luc and Liza. She was longing for a hug, she wanted to keep crying, but she didn't ask, nor did. Nervously, she welcomed Liza.

"A safe place...was the city...is there a safe place in this world?"
Psychemon frowned as Lyrica almost gasped again, but managed to fake it properly. She looked sideways to Luc, and remembered the time she asked him and Dobermon for help. She was becoming comfortable with the Digidestined, both Latte and Luc, whom she met hours ago. And now even in front of a stranger, she was showing her true worries, which would make others worry, making herself look useless. That's how she thought.

Taken by emotion, she just wanted to move far from the city, the place she thought would be the safest.

"I-I know! Psychemon told me about this village of starts or something, it sounds pretty accurate right? I'm sure we will find some kind of help there, yeah, sure, sure..."
She tried her best, but her face was still dirty from the tears, and her movements were shaky.

Psychemon's mouth dropped. The Village of Beginnings was the place the data returned to give born to a Digimon again, he had just named the place to Lyrica once but didn't explain what it was. They would probably find nothing there. Yet, could Alphamon, maybe..? But no, the situation was different this time. He sighed, and realized that The Village of Beginnings would be a good idea after all. At least it was crazy to think something would attack there...yet he reckon he hadn't been on the Digital World for some time now.

Psychemon just hugged Lyrica's leg, and decided that all the thinking was enough for him. Soon, Lyrica was listening the stupid childish tune again. This time, however, she smiled.
neoubermensch on July 23rd, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
Luc, as much as he was a charmer wasn't much of a physical person when he came down to it. However to the best of his ability he gave Lyrica a soft pat on her head. Tears were going to be useless for their travels. It was a bit of a waste. He gave her a soft, understanding smile, and then continued to walk on with the rest.

"I think it's rather clear that we must stay on the move constantly. These digimon have the advantage of terrain and circumstance versus our own knowledge. Though perhaps we have the advantage of doing things perceptively outside of the constraints of this world, hence why we are brought into it. It has easily been ascertained that this... digivolution, is of our own accord, and few digimon from which we have seen have seemed to digivolve within the circumstance of a battle. But... that's as much as I can figure. I don't even completely understand the process... and it's not like we have access into the source code."

Most of the ramblings went over Dobermon's head for the most part. Luc got like this a lot when they were alone. No matter what the boy was always thinking, and so his conversations always sounded like a train of constant thought. Though the word source code offended the digimon slightly, wincing at the still assumption that they were a computer program. Though they were to some extent, it was a more a world within a world. The source code would be as instantaneous as what made up the human mechanisms, something that not even the greatest master of logic could unravel completely.

"Not quite sure how weather works here, but I pressume shelter as soon as possible may be in our interest. The only risk of allying ourselves is we also are susceptible to traps. As I believe even Alphamon was confounded by how even his allies turned against him. So... if we are to align ourselves, we must tread lightly." It was perhaps the most Luc had allowed his thought processes to exit his brain to his mouth with the group thusfar but in this circumstance Luc knew he had to talk... this was not a time for facades.

"Well now, Liza, is it? You seem perhaps far more confused than even we are ourselves, if you would care I will happily fill you in on the details once we find a place to rest, and I'm sure these others will be more than insistent to chime in." It was at that moment that any seriousness from Luc left in an instant, his perpetuating smile taking over once more and that same amused chuckle.

If the others were going to cry, he was going to smile.
analyzeusaanalyzeusa on July 23rd, 2009 04:35 am (UTC)
[OOC: Back! :D And, currently trying not to fail at being Liza. XD]

"That would be excellent," Liza nodded calmly. Of all things, the people that she was to work together with here seemed a bit too young--for she had expected individuals who were at least a few years older. Such could be a disadvantage.

As far as she could tell, the girl that just walked off with her digimon—Latte, was it?—was a bit too hasty in her judgment and prone to fits of emotions. Though Liza didn't exactly believe in first impressions, she felt that the girl could use a bit of more mental preparing for the war that they were to go into. The other girl in front of her, however, made her wince mentally. Being genuine was sometimes a good thing, but in this case it could make it difficult to face off against the enemy. The only person who seemed to be calm enough and together was the boy, and his words seemed reasonable enough. Something about him was off, though.

Liza refrained from narrowing her eyes at him. Now was not the time to judge other people's personalities and make enemies. They couldn't afford to make any conflicts between the Digidestined at this moment, now that they had so much on their hands and so little time.

She took out a notepad and a pencil, and turned to Luc and the girl in front of her.

“Tell me what you know about this place.”