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20 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm

Who: Anyone and everyone
Where: File City
What: Dynasmon X and his armies attack!


Dynasmon cruised through the sky, just above cloud level, surveying his surroundings as he headed towards File City. This land was disgusting. It was one of the few areas that remained unconquered by his master, all because of Alphamon. The Lord of the Empty Seat had returned from his self-imposed exile, and was now opposing his master. Whatever loyalty Dynasmon had felt towards Alphamon was long gone. He was flying towards the city right now to destroy him, once and for all. It mattered not that he was surrounded by walls of steel and an army of Digimon ready to die for him. Die they would, for Dynasmon was unstoppable, the most supreme force upon the Digital World outside of his Master. The others who had joined him could not match his power – it had been so when they were but lesser creatures, and it was so now. Single-handedly, Dynasmon had brought the resisting elements of the Digital World to a heel. It was he who had crushed the mightiest of the opposition, and he alone. He needed no armies.

Banking left, he hovered over the city. He would need to attack now, before Alphamon detected his presence. As he made ready his attack, something caught his eye and he stopped, his concentration disrupted. At the entrance to File City were two Machinedramon – they did no matter – and four human children with Digimon. Digidestined! Everything was plunged into shocking clarity: his master’s absence from the Digital World made so much sense now! He knew of these children, and was waiting to see what they would do. A wise decision given the history of the Digidestined, Dynasmon conceded, but an unneccessary one. He had explicit instructions from his master to not attack the Digidestined, which altered his plans slightly – he would have to call in some reserves, after all – but, from what he observed, they were little threat. One girl was screaming loud enough for him to hear at another one, who had already turned her back and was walking away. They would pose absolutely no threat whatsoever divided like this! His master would be pleased...perhaps pleased enough to allow Dynasmon, his most loyal and powerful servant, to destroy them personally.

In the meantime, he decided to have a little fun with them. Allow them to feel despair, by seeing the might that they faced.

“Breath of Wyvern!”

A blinding blue light shot from his body, coalescing and taking the form of a dragon, charging down towards the Digidestined. At the last moment, it swerved away, and carved through the two Machinedramon just behind them, obliterating them instantly and taking out much of the front wall of the city in a blinding flash. Dynasmon smirked. Such a display of power would surely get their attention. It seemed to get the attention of the sentries, who were already flying towards him. An Angemon streaked towards him, golden light shooting from its hand, and Dynasmon allowed the beam to glance off his wing, speeding forward and slashing at it in contempt with a claw in retaliation, slicing it to ribbons and scattering its data to the winds. Such impudence from such weaklings was not to be tolerated.

“Dragon’s Gust!”

He beat his wings once, blowing the remaining airborne Digimon back and obliterating them in the backlash of energy it caused. Pitiful. If this was the best Alphamon could offer for resistance, he would soon be joining his pathetic allies in death. Ignoring the Digimon on the ground and the Digidestined, he landed atop the hill overlooking File City.

“Hear me, Alphamon! You have opposed the will of the new master of the world, GranDracmon, and you shall atone for your crimes on this day! So do I, Dynasmon, loyal servant of the master of all, decree! All forces, attack! Crush all who resist, and turn this pitiful city to ash!”

A hoarde of Vilemon and Bakemon burst from the forest behind him and swept over the hills, charging towards the city. Overhead, several Devidramon swooped in to harry those below, unchallenged now that Dynasmon had removed the aerial forces. At his side, a Phantomon hovered, awaiting his pleasure. Dynasmon raised a clawed hand and pointed at the Digidestined.

“Keep a close watch upon those humans. Test them, but do not kill them. I shall deal with Alphamon personally.” Without waiting for a response, he took off, overtaking the armies below him easily and heading towards the building where he knew his former commander would be lodged. It was time to settle old scores once and for all.
psychiatriet on July 20th, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
For the second time in one day, Jeanette was at a complete loss for words.

One minute, she was walking away with Dracomon, putting that arrogant boy and his two followers behind her. The next, she lay sprawled on the ground, with something quite heavy upon her. It took a minute to register that that "something heavy" was a large piece of metal, and by the time it had registered, Dracomon was lifting it off her. She rolled over and jumped up, shaking her head to clear it. To her left, where there should have been a solid metal wall, there was a smoking, blackened crater.

"Jenny! Are you alright?!" Dracomon was practically hopping in distress.

"I am unharmed." Jeanette soothed him, "But, what on earth...?"

She trailed off as a large white figure streaked over her head, directly into the city. It was awesome to behold. It appeared to be a humanoid dragon. Her eyes widened imperciptibly, the only sign she would give of her shock at seeing such a creature. She surmised that that was what had almost killed her just then. She also guessed that that was one of GranDracmon's Royal Knights. She quickly started off back into the city at a quick run.

Dracomon watched her in shocked silence for a few seconds before he ran after her, "Jenny, what are you doing?"

"Going after that creature." Jeanette replied, her face set in an unreadable mask.

"Going after...", he trailed off in bewilderment, "Jenny, that is Dynasmon! The strongest Royal Knight there is! He's on THEIR SIDE! Or did that escape your notice whilst you were lying under what remained of a solid wall he blasted?! He wiped out those Machinedramon like they were nothing! What do you think he's going to do to you?!"

"He is going to talk to me. I'd very much like to meet this GranDracmon he serves. I'd also like to know why he tried to impress us with that little display he just put on." she knew that was no accident. If Dynasmon wanted them dead, he would have obliterated them before they even knew he was there. She certainly hadn't known he was there until she was lying face down on the ground. "And I'll remind you, Dracomon, that I am on no-one's 'side'. I am but an observer. Nothing changes that."

Dracomon shook his head, amazed that she could be so calm in the face of such danger. He was pretty sure he hadn't noticed the army of Digimon at her back coming to destroy her, either. For all her intelligence and insight, she was remarkably blind to the obvious sometimes when it didn't involve other people. He sighed and cast a quick glance at the other Digidestined.

"She's coming around. I expect she'll be more inclined to believe Alphamon once she's gotten a good look at Dynasmon...assuming we survive the encounter, of course." he added, his dry humour returning. "Lovely meeting you all. Jenny, hold up!" he dashed off after her. Although, out of a choice between the army behind them and Dynasmon in front, he would much rather have Jeanette attempt to talk to one of the army...
lyrica_lark on July 20th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
"Lyrica! Lyrica, come on! We can't stay here!"

Psychemon was trying to get Lyrica regain her senses, but she had been terrified after witnessing the two Machinedramon being erased in just seconds. They had been so kind and so powerful, and now, crouching with her hands on her head, she felt helpless. Her Digimon was pointing towards the city, but she couldn't understand what he was saying.

"Dynasmon...what...", she said weakly, and felt the ground gave a little quake. An army of Digimon was heading towards them, but she couldn't stop questioning the fact Dynasmon didn't want to kill them. Test them? "Are we really worthy, Psychemon?", she said loudly, and stood up.

"Lyrica, Alphamon!"

She smiled a bit, thinking she understood her partner. The supreme Digimon would obviously protect them. If they reached the place in time, the army wouldn't dare touch them.

"He can protect us!", and started running towards the city after telling the other Digidestined to follow. Psychemon gasped, Lyrica's senses were completely altered. Her tamer was aiming to the biggest threat without realizing. He got angry at the fact Lyrica didn't seem to trust his strength one bit.

In his shocked, he barely noticed what happened to Dracomon's partner, but it seemed she had decided to go to the city as well. Worried, he followed Dracomon as fast as he could. This time, Psychemon didn't feel like talking at all.

On the other hand, Lyrica had been running frantically, and she realized she should have wait for at least her Digimon to reach her. She looked back, and to her surprised it was Jeanette who was getting near, but Lyrica could spot Psychemon and Dracomon were behind. She stopped, forgetting the main issue for seconds, now that she didn't feel alone, and waved at them.

alphagainforce on July 20th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
"Lord Alphamon! Dynasmon has entered File City, and he's coming straight for you!"

"I heard him."

Alphamon stood in the same spot he had occupied when the Digidestined had come to him. He was deeply troubled. They were divided, and vulnerable. He could not offer them protection, and he could do very little to guide them. He could only set them off on the right path. His inadequacy threatened to swallow him.

"Lord Alphamon!" the speaker, an Angemon, said again in urgency, "he brings an army with him!"

"An army?" Alphamon turned to face him, "That is most unlike Dynasmon. I have never known him to bring an army with him to battle, and he is arrogant enough to believe he can best me without one, I am certain. So, what is his purpose...the children!" it hit him harder than any attack ever could. Dynasmon was not seeking to just destroy Alphamon; at least, not anymore he wasn't. He was seeking to capture the Digidestined and take them to his master. And he had brought an army to ensure they did not escape. Alphamon cursed himself for a fool. Of course Dynasmon would do something like this! He may not be as intelligent as his brethren, but he was no fool.

And now he was coming here to destroy him, the one thing that stood between him and the Digidestined. A new, iron-hard determination filled Alphamon then. He would NOT have the children. He would see his fallen brother scattered to data for his choices before this day was over.

He held out his hand, palm downwards, and closed his eyes. His sword, the Seiken Grade-Alpha, materialised in front of him, and he gripped it. It had been a long time since he had used this sword. He had not battled for a long time. Now, he was to face his greatest opponent yet, one of his own brethren, and the stakes could not be higher.

"Protect the children. They must not be allowed to fall into GranDracmon's hands. Should I fall, rally to those that remain. They shall take up the cause in my place." Alphamon nodded to the Angemon and then shot up into the sky, sword held in front of him, ready. Dynasmon reached him seconds later, and stopped in front of him, hovering silently.

"So. You have come at last, Dynasmon."
psychiatriet on July 20th, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
Jeanette hurried through File City, which sounded as if it was coming down around her ears. A great battle was being fought behind her; Digimon were rushing past her to help, and none of them stopped to give her a second thought. She glanced behind her, and noticed that she had lost Dracomon in the confusion. She continued on. She did not have time to stop and search for him. As he had said, he would make little difference against Dynasmon, and if she was making an error, she would rather that she made it alone.

She quickly found her way to the center building, and decided to take the stairs this time. One could not be too careful; if the elevator shaft snapped, that would be a most unfortunate end. She took the steps two at a time - somewhat difficult, for they were spaced quite far apart for someone her height - still calm. She needed to reach the rooftop before Dynasmon and Alphamon started fighting if she stood any chance of talking to him. She was absolutely certain that if she had a chance to talk to Dynasmon, she could resolve the issue without bloodshed. Jeanette had never encountered a problem she could not solve. This one would be no different.

Elsewhere, Dracomon was frantic. He should have picked her up and carried her away! He should have done something, ANYTHING, to stop her from doing what was surely going to be the last act of her life!

"Jenny! Damnit, get back here! You have no idea what you're getting into!" he shouted, looking around for her. He spotted Psychemon following him, and its partner, who was waving frantically. He guessed that the other two would not be far behind, or that they had chosen to stay and fight against the army behind him. Regardless, they didn't matter at the moment. He ran up to the girl, seeing no other choice. He'd endure Jeanette's criticisms and biting words about not needing help if it meant getting her back safely.

"She's gone up to talk to Dynasmon!" he shouted over the sounds of battle, "I'm going after her! You two should get to a safe place! Its going to get very messy around here soon! Alphamon will have gone to fight Dynasmon, don't go to him! You'll only be placing your lives in greater danger! Like Jenny...THAT IDIOT!" he shouted, cursing her as much as himself.
neoubermensch on July 20th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
Luc raised an eyebrow at the turn of events, not choosing to entertain Jeanette's words. So it seemed to him that she was possibly as arrogant as she interpreted him to be. Pawns as they were, as she stated about the others, was not an assessment he minded much, nor did he consider this trait to be as she so stated a weakness.. She had no proof in the matter and he knew that there were other things to her that were going to situate as planned. He may have indulged his assement of her with too much kindness. Though astute about others, he knew much more of himself than she did of hers.

He turned his head back to both Latte and Lyrica as they both trailed after Dracomon.

"Don't mind her indulgences, she is not wrong that I see us in working in a team as more pragmatic situation, whether or not she agrees with this tactic is part of her own poor assesment."

Luc knew very well that such a statement from her, the reason alone that she chose to speak was not void of emotion. The emotionless as it were those that did not feel threatened and therefore had no reason to abject, but she did. In fact, she had taken a position of arrogance and folly. Those that assume that they are correct and able to fix something is a sign of emotion. She feared emotion, humanity, so as much as she may have disapproved of his and the other two's weaknesses,

As the blast came towards Luc, Strabimon swerved to pick up his digidestined the two rolling to the side of the blast into the rubble. Knowing the dangers that laid ahead Luc nodded with a formal importance at Strabimon. Though Luc understood that there was evolution to the digimon he was completely uncertain as to how far it went and what controlled it. As far as he knew, Strabimon could reach one other level. As Luc began to reach towards Strabimon, the digimon digivolved into a larger one, now taking the form of Dobermon. For Luc this was only the second time of seeing his digimon in this form, and only understood it for now as a battle-mode version of Strabimon.

He lopped himself onto Dobermon's back grasping around the large dark digimon's slick neck.

"Here. Grab on, we'll reach the top much faster." As be passed the other digidestined and their partners, Luc reached his arm out, and pulled them onto Dobermon's thickly coated body now as his gallop quickly gained on Dracomon.

"Dracomon, I understand you want to protect your partner, but I feel she may have to learn that her tactics aren't always the most efficient." Luc narrowed his eyes as they raced towards the top, "But is our duty as fellow digidestined to not leave you behind. And certainly, you are not at fault for the irrationally arrogant choices your partner chose to make." He offered a hand down to the digimon as well.
lyrica_lark on July 20th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
As Dracomon spoke, Lyrica frowned. Why Jeanette was heading to talk to the enemy who seem nothing but evil was something simply stupid, she thought. The ice girl didn't seem to actually want to make peace with the Digimon, she realized, but with other purposes Lyrica couldn't even imagine. She thought it was pretty uncool of Jeanette.

Psychemon, on the other hand, seemed pretty angry. It was so out of character of him that Lyrica would have giggled if the situation was different.

"Dracomon, Alphamon is in the city! Are you sure Jeanette wasn't thinking like me, that going to Alphamon was the safest choice?", she turned to face Psychemon, "Sorry I left you behind, I felt kind of lost back there."
She scanned her Digimon's expression, a mix between anger and hurt. She wanted to ask him what was bugging him but she didn't want to lose more time. On the other hand, Psychemon was as lost as she was about Jeanette, but reckoned Dracomon as a wise one. He grabbed Lyrica by the leg.

"I'm not letting you inside the city. He is right, Lyrica, your plan is just bad! His tamer is crazy, poor thing, but you and I, we-should-not-go", he worded, and tried avoiding Lyrica's punches.

"I won't stay here to die, Alphamon will protect us!"

Suddenly, they were all pulled on top of black muscular fur. Dobermon was rushing towards the city, and Lyrica was fascinated.

"This was Strabimon? You serious? Didn't you just adopted this and left the other behind?", she said, relieved to have her team back. She smiled at Psychemon, but he had become jealous at the fact Strabimon had digivolved in such a short time. Maybe it wasn't even his first time, and that annoyed him more. Sadden by the fact his bond with his tamer wasn't as deep, he growled. He didn't get why Lyrica had so many doubts about digivolution.
dynasmon_x on July 21st, 2009 06:16 am (UTC)
[OOC: Saving time and space by combining Alphamon and Dynasmon onto one journal whilst they battle.]

"Alphamon. Your arrogance knows no bounds. Do you truly think you can defeat me? I have inherited the power of GranDracmon! I am more powerful than you could ever hope to be!" Dynasmon flexed his wings, then charged forward, his claws moving in a blinding flurry of blows that rained down upon Alphamon.

Somehow, he managed to block every one with his sword, and suddenly he was behind Dynasmon, his sword leaving several shallow cuts on his back. His eyes widened in astonishment, and Dynasmon took advantage of his surprise by turning and grabbing him with one clawed hand, throwing him down in contempt onto the roof with such force that he crashed through it. He hovered overhead, contemptuos.

"You are going to have to do better than that, Alphamon! The Alpha Gain Force will gain you nothing, for there is no move you can master than can overcome me! I am your end!"

Alphamon's answer was several green shafts of light, which shot forth from the hole and, as if guided by their own intelligence, gathered around him, seeking to crush him in their embrace. He raised both arms outward for a moment, and Alphamon's attack was drawn to his palms. Moments later, they were gone; absorbed. However, in that time, Alphamon had regained his feet and, charging up from the building, he lay on several power sword strokes, too fast for the eye to follow, forcing Dynasmon to retreat or take a hit. As it was, he took several jarring blows on his arms. He circled away, eyeing the other with newfound respect.

"Interesting. Where did you find such strength?"

"I fight for a cause, Dynasmon! As you once did! As you still could! Return to us! Help me protect the children!" Alphamon implored.

Dynasmon snorted, "I shall take the children to my master. You, who only appears in the Digital World when it suits him, have no right to speak to me of causes! Now, let us continue!" he charged forward again, claws slashing with renewed vigour.
psychiatriet on July 21st, 2009 07:24 am (UTC)
The entire building shook, causing Jeanette to almost lose her balance entirely. She stayed motionless for a few moments, then continued onward. Evidently Dynasmon and Alphamon had already started their battle. How barbaric. There were other ways to resolve problems.

A hole in the roof above her opened up, raining chunks of debris, as well as Alphamon, who dropped through down through the shaft and out of sight. Jeanette peered up, seeing Dynasmon hovering overhead, and then looked over the edge for any sign of Alphamon. A wicked green light sparked in the blackness, and she quickly withdrew her head, as shafts of brilliant green light, followed by Alphamon, shot out of the shaft and towards Dynasmon, who seemed unaffected by it all.

Jeanette hurried up the stairs. The sooner she got up there, the better.

"Jenny doesn't think like anyone else." Dracomon replied, still nervous, "She isn't concerned with anything, she focuses on goals and doesn't stop until she achieves them. Right now, she's trying to get a clearer picture by talking to Dynasmon. She's already dismissed Alphamon."

Dracomon hesitated for a moment, for he knew this boy worked only towards his own ends - Jeanette was right about that much - but he took his hand, deciding he needed all the help he could get until he could Digivolve, which he couldn't unless he found Jeanette.

"Jenny is right about you, you know. She's never wrong about people; its what she does. But I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt about it. I don't really care." he said to him, "I'm just grateful for the help. Although I doubt this will change anything. Jenny is emotionless, I know her too well now to doubt that. She'll never be interested in keeping any sort of company; she isn't concerned with people. Don't get your hopes up about a team effort. Although for what its worth - which is very little, because once she makes up her mind, nothing changes it - I'll try to talk her round to it."

At that moment, the Phantomon appeared directly in front of them, an ominous shadow hanging in the air. "I'm sorry, but Alphamon and Dynasmon are unavailable at this time. Please leave a message and I'll be sure to forward it when I get the time. Destruction makes one very busy, you know. In the meantime, relax! Get to know the company!" it gestured with its scythe, and a ring of Bakemon encircled them. "You're not getting past me, I'm afraid."
neoubermensch on July 21st, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
As they rode, Luc turned his head back towards Dracomon, taking in his words only for a mere moment.

"No human is without emotion. We aren't programmed, we don't develop that way. And interest, in anything... a motivating characteristic represents a core emotion, in her case as it would seem it would be curiosity and/or passion, which fall into the classification of emotion. Dracomon, perhaps she may have a perceptive eye for others but she certainly does not for herself. She will not be able to accomplish anything without discovering her own weaknesses. But I'm sure you'll do that."

Luc's eyes turned into small slits.

"Be wary of her arrogance, she may only see that characteristic in myself because it is something that she holds as well. After all how else could one explain. I am not prideful enough to deny what within myself to work on, but she rarely looks within herself taking on an air of self-indulgence."

He leaned his head back one more now relaxed within his position onto of his larger digimon. As Dobermon rode jumping from piece of building to piece of building he finally landed with a blow.

"She is also in part wrong, I am not out for myself, but out for a greater good, I just feel that I am capable of understanding what that is over some. She is certainly perceptive but as far as I'm concerned you have more to worry about with your partner, right Dobermon?"

He unsaddled himself and helped Lyrica down, Dobermon bowing his body for the other digimon to get off. Luc was once again not in a rush, watching the battle that hung just slightly in the distance from them.

"So Dobermon, what's your take?"

"This is horrible." Dobermon closed it's eyes and bowed it's head solemnly, "This is not a fight you want to see. Traitorous intentions against one of the great."

"They are that far greater in ability than you?"

"I would advise we run..." Luc was a bit disheartened by this information, but luckily Dobermon knew a useless fight when he saw one, and Luc wasn't about to take his chances on a fight he wasn't even sure if he believed in the side. Luc was for now curious in the battle itself and watching as the events unfolded.

"Dobermon, for now... do kindly to watch how each of the digimon fight, it may be helpful in the future." He turned towards Lyrica, "If we must, we will run, even though I understand you want to save her. Overall, she has made her choice. And when the time comes we must make ours."

As the Phantomon and the ring of Bakemon appeared, Dobermon seethed at the mouth, "Luc... what is your next step."

He turned towards Lyrica, "If you can, you must make your digimon digivolve! Otherwise, we'll have to play Red Rover." Once again that familiar smile crept onto Luc's lips.
psychiatriet on July 21st, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
"You'll change your mind if you ever get to know Jenny, believe me. Although there may be some truth to what you have said. It'd be VERY deep down, though." he laughed, amused at the idea. Jenny was NOT going to like this arrogant boy playing psychiatrist with HER. Although perhaps a taste of her own medicine would be what she needed to re-discover her personality.

"Turning an accusation back upon the one who made it is positive proof of that accusation's accuracy," Dracomon replied, parroting his partner without even realising it, "She sees everything in everyone. Like I said, its what she does. But still, you'll make your own opinion without my help, as you have already done so, I daresay." he felt vaguely uncomfortable saying things about Jeanette behind her back, but...well, perhaps it was important these people have an idea of who she was.

Dracomon laughed, "You're a terrible liar, you know. You don't believe in the greater good, even I can see that. Luc, was it? You're very amusing."

"I suggest we run. I'm useless without Jenny to help me Digivolve, I'm afraid. Still, we won't be getting past him" he gestured to Phantomon, "I suggest running in the -opposite- direction to it."

Phantomon still hovered in the same spot, absently toying with the glass eye around its neck, "Ah, decisions, decisions...I do LOVE this drama! Fight or flight? Fight and die? Flight and die? Which shall it be? Tick tock, your time is running out..." as he said this, the Bakemon circled closer.

Meanwhile, Jeanette had reached the roof, and was staring up at Alphamon and Dynasmon's battle.

"Dynasmon! I wish to speak with you." she called out, her voice barely audible over the sounds of battle. Indifferently, she lay down on the roof to watch the battle. She wasn't going back down after she had climbed all the way up here, and directly underneath these two Digimon was perhaps the safest place on the battlefield. Frankly, Jeanette didn't know what she was going to do next. She wanted to go home. There was nothing more she could accomplish here, and battle was so...barbaric.
alphagainforce on July 21st, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
Alphamon was beginning to tire. His sword strokes, even aided by the power of the Alpha Gain Force, seemed to have no effect on Dynasmon whatsoever. If anything, Dynasmon seemed more powerful than he had when they had started fighting. His ability to absorb attacks should not extend to this degree...he was more dangerous than Alphamon had initially thought. Even the Digimon Sovereigns would cower before such power.

"Beginning to tire, Alphamon?" Dynasmon asked conversationally, effortlessly blocking the Digimon's sword swing and answer with a vicious parry with a claw, which shredded Alphamon's cloak as he moved away from it.

"Digitalise of Soul!" green light shot forth from Alphamon's free hand, engulfing Dynasmon in its brilliance.

"Dragon's Gust!"

Letting his power take over, Alphamon executed a sudden dive, just as a powerful blast of energy sailed over the top of him. He twisted in mid-air, bringing his sword up and crashing into his opponent's chest. Dynasmon froze as the sword struck home, and Alphamon felt a shock up his arms as it became lodged in his enemy's chest. With a roar of anger, Dynasmon wrenched the sword free from his grasp, delivering a punishing backhand to Alphamon, who sailed back as if shot out of a cannon and crashed through a building, skidding along the floor and landing, dazed. Dynasmon hovered over him, the Seiken-Grade Alpha in his hands. He made a pretense of studying it, and then contemptuosly snapped it in two, casting the pieces aside.

Alphamon was shocked. No Digimon should be able to do that! What had Dynasmon become?!

"Well, that is enough of that." Dynasmon was barely scratched, despite having Alphamon's sword lodged in his chest a few seconds earlier, "Really, Alphamon, you disappoint me. Is this all the great leader of the Royal Knights can muster? All those years in exile, and you won't even give me a proper duel?! HOW DARE YOU!" he bellowed, a sound more like a dragon's shriek than a human roar. An intense blue aura began to surround him as he gathered energy for one final, devastating attack. Then he stopped, noticing one of the Digidestined children on the roof below him, laying down as if she were cloud-gazing. In an instant, he was upon her, one clawed hand scooping her up, the other pointing menacingly at Alphamon, "You would die to protect this, Alphamon? This worthless insect? Shall I crush it before your eyes? You shall know the meaning of despair. I shall grant you that much before I destroy you. Learn your lesson well."

The girl appeared to be shouting something. He ignored her. Stupid creature should never have dared to watch their battle like a common spectator. He could not harm her - his orders forbade that - but nobody asides he knew that. He would take her to his master. Allow him to deal with her.
lyrica_lark on July 21st, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Dobermon was running, ignored by the Bakemon who seemed afraid of him, and that made Lyrica felt safe. She was glad she waited for them, and glad Luc appeared right in time. However, the Bakemon were starting to gather around them, and she realized it had been a strategy when Phantomon appeared. The Digimon was not as big as the Tuskmon she feared some hours later, but she could feel it was even a biggest threat to them.

Both Luc and Dracomon amused herself, in all the time she had known her, Jeanette's arrogant behavior was nothing but a matter of annoyance. Yet know she felt sorry for her, and thought that maybe, some day, they could help her change. She frowned. Why was she even thinking of helping someone when the situation right now was critical?

Luc helped her down, but she still stayed near Dobermon, grabbing his fur. She trusted the Digimon's speed would take them out of there fully, so she dismissed her initial choice of going to Alphamon. She nodded at Luc, but then, he asked about digivolution.

"Digivolving? Psychemon...", she turned to him, who was now almost whining. "You were so serious seconds ago, what's the matter?", she asked, not waiting for an answer.

In all the fuss, she had forgotten about Amber. The forest and the mass of Bakemon made it hard for them to check.

"What about Amber, we lost her!", she was starting to behave irrationally again.

"Lyrica, Dracomon is going to leave his partner because he trusts her, we need to do the same!", said her Digimon, who she noticed was even more emotional than ever. A Bakemon appeared behind him, attacking. Psychemon didn't evade but attacked back, using his Colourful Dance attack. It was enough to make the Bakemon feel a bit dizzy, but Psychemon knew the Champion would eventually attack again, and he wasn't up to it. Lyrica was amazed, and smiled at him.

"Can you digivolve, Psychemon?", she asked.

"It's not up to me alone, you dork", he said, climbing on Dobermon. He sighed, and looked towards the rest. "Yeah yeah this Digimon isn't going to do much, get over it. Now let's go!"

Embarrassed at his response, she turned to the boy and the dragon digimon. "Well, let's just get away then, but we are going to look for Amber while we ran, okay?"

neoubermensch on July 21st, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)

"My definition of a greater good may be different from the idealized sense of humanity, which I would believe had usurped Darwin himself. A greater good excludes those that continue to make things bad."

Luc internally sighed. Everyone around him seemed useless and unfortunately he had not acquisitioned enough power yet for Dobermon to feel comfortable, and as human, he had little to do with it.

"Well welcome back, but it seems we'll have to take our exit." Luc motioned to Latte.

In a low town he began to whisper to the other digimon,
"If we want to not get into GranDracomon's clutches, we will have to escape from this, now. Tell your patner Dracomon that I apologize, though." Luc gave a bit of an aside laugh, "doubt she'd consider it sincere enough to appreciate it."

"I can only think of one thing and I'm not positive if they're stupid enough to fall for it. Have you all ever played red rover?" Luc lifted up one of Dobermon's ears and whispered something into it,

"I suppose it could work..." The digimon lifted as he bent onto his forelegs, opening his mouth slightly. "Everyone, grab on... and hold tightly... if we lose you we'll have to leave you here..." Dobermon announced in a low tone Grau Realm towards the Phantomon, sealing it's ability, but as an ultimate he was sure it would only last for a few moments.

In an instance Doberman began to gradually increase his speed until he started headputting directly into a part of the circle of Bakemon, firing a Schwartz Strahl as soon as he seemed about to hit on head on. He then continued to increase his speed jumping off of the buildings and racing down and through the city streets. He swerved and ducked between streets, as Luc contineud to link arms with the others that rode on the Dobermons' back.

Because of the speed at which the wind travelled, Luc had to now yell out,

"We can try to trap them but otherwise, we will have to continue on this path."
analyzeusa: Mitsuki from Persona 3analyzeusa on July 22nd, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
She was in the Digital World.

It was the worst situation she could have imagined, as well.

Chaos everywhere. Everything was in chaos in the midst of the battle, and as usual, people like her were in danger of being killed.

People like her, and digimon partners like Renamon.

Silently, Renamon helped her stand up. "It looks like we can't stay here for too long, can we?"

"No, we definitely can't," Liza said as she clenched her hands. This was much worse than she had thought. How was she supposed to fix all of this when she had so much homework on top of that and timing her schedule properly and-

On that note, maybe homework wasn't her biggest priority. Her life was in danger.

Hers and Renamon's. And the rest of the Digidestined.

She got up and ran with Renamon to the city. For now, she didn't know what she could do as of yet, considering that she didn't know enough about the Digital World's situation.

But she had to do something.
lyrica_lark on July 22nd, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
(Haha really? That's good I guess! X3)

Seeing Amber okay made Lyrica become more secure again, and she was glad there was something less to worry about. She was about to answer, but Luc interrupted. While the boy whispered to his Digimon's ear, Lyrica tried asking her own Digimon what this red rover was about. She had tried asking discretely, but Psychemon, still mounted on Dobermon, waved his arms excitedely, and told Lyrica not as quietely as she would have wanted that maybe it was some kind of human food.

Without warning, or so she thought 'cause she had focused her attention to Psychemon and not Luc nor Dobermon, she was grabbed by Luc on top of Dobermon, arms linked. The contact made her blush a bit, but the sudden increse in speed made her grab tighter.

"Salamon is flying Lyrica!", and as her Digimon shouted she noticed how Latte was following Salamon, and when Lyrica was about to calm down, thinking Latte got her Digimon back, she felt the girl's hand pulling her backwards. Psychemon realized Lyrica wasn't going to resist much longer, and let go of Dobermon's fur to try helping. Instead of doing so, his plan failed and couldn't reach Latte the way he wanted. The Digimon was now attached strongly to Latte's waist making the weigth impossible for Lyrica to handle.

Then, Lyrica linked her arms around Luc's neck, making it hard for the boy to breath.

"We, I can't anymore, they are falling, I-", but she didn't finish, and pulled him backwards as well.