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16 July 2009 @ 01:19 pm
Who: Demon Lords
Where: Daemon's Castle
What: Plotting


The double -door  entrance to Daemon’s castle was blasted off its hinges as Lucemon, leader of the Demon Lords, strode in, his fury enough to make any Digimon tremble before him.

Any Digimon, that is, except the accursed GranDracmon! Lucemon’s pride had been stripped away, and he had been humbled before him. Such power! He had even managed to twist several of the Royal Knights to do his bidding – although why he would care to was beyond Lucemon, for they were naught but fools, and weak-willed ones to obey him so. Their power was nothing compared to that of the Demon Lords. Yet this GranDracmon was so much more than both. Not only had he overcome the combined power of light and darkness that was at Lucemon’s fingertips, he had enslaved his armies and cast him from the Dark Area in contempt. HIS dominion! The impertinence of it drove Lucemon past the point of rage, and it was all he could do to keep from roaring his defiance. They would suffer! His Royal Knights would be destroyed utterly, their data scattered across the Digital World never to reform again, and GranDracmon himself would die a thousand deaths before Lucemon would allow him the privelege of complete annihilation. His revenge would be terrible to behold, and he would take back that which was rightfully his!

Lucemon’s eyes narrowed as he was met with no challenge as he walked into the castle. This worthless building belonged to Daemon, and no doubt if he were here by now he would have greeted his leader. Which suggested that he wasn’t here. Lucemon was slightly surprised, for he had never thought that Daemon would abandon his precious castle, but that begged the question – where WAS he, if not here? Where were any of his brethren? He had not seen them for many years, although he had made it known that he was still their unquestioned leader and that impertinence would be punished severely. Now, of all times, he needed to rally his brethren behind him, so that they count regain their power over the Digital World. Alphamon had returned – Lucemon could sense his presence and his power, as he was sure the other could sense his – and GranDracmon had made his move, using his Royal Knights as his puppets. He made no move himself, content to sit within Lucemon’s domain. That would be his undoing. Lucemon would rally his brethren behind him once again, and together they would crush GranDracmon’s Royal Knights, and force him to reveal himself. Then, they would allow Alphamon to fight it out with GranDracmon, and destroy the survivor. Lucemon hoped fervently that is was Alphamon. As much as he wanted vengeance, he had waited far too long for the leader of the Royal Knights to make an appearance in the Digital World. Alphamon was the one Digimon who could challenge his supremacy – excluding this new threat, GranDracmon – and he had long desired an opportunity to crush him, to prove his superiority once and for all. However, that opportunity would have to wait, or be missed entirely. Lucemon was no fool – personal pride, whilst important, was secondary to power. Power was everything.

His anger still not spent, Lucemon blasted open the door to the dining room. The great table that they had once all sat around was covered with a thick layer of dust, and cobwebs covered every inch of the place. A thought re-lit the candles upon the table and the chandelier above, bathing the room in a warm orange glow. Lucemon crossed over to the end of the table, took his customary seat at its head, and sat back to wait, his eyes on the entrance. His brethren would know he was here by now, they would be able to feel his rage as if it were their own. They would know that he commanded their presence, and they knew that Lucemon was not patient, and that failure to attend him would lead to most dire consequences. In light of what they face, they needed to unite their powers. The threat was twofold, and idiocy was intolerable. Supremacy was theirs, as it always had been. It was time to re-establish that supremacy.


luciferspride on July 16th, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
Lucemon chose to drop the subject. She was not trying to deliberately provoke him - even Lilithmon wasn't stupid enough to try that, or she would not have earned the title of Demon Lord - but, at this moment, her tone and her very manner were annoying him. She may not like it, but she knew her place.

He would not, however, ignore the next comment. He rose out of his chair again, his rage returning, "CRUSHED! Have you forgotten who we are, Lilithmon--who I am?! You are a Demon Lord, one of the most powerful Digimon in existence, and I AM the most powerful Digimon in existence!" he roared, "GranDracmon is an upstart who dares to usurp that which is rightfully ours-- rightfully MINE! He may have defeated me the first time we met, but I have taken his measure, and his actions have revealed him for the coward he is. A true leader would act at once, and crush all who stood in his way! Yet he hides inside my domain, allowing lesser beings to do the work for him. His power is limited to the Dark Area! He believes me powerless out of the Dark Area, but he forgets that the power of Light is also mine to command!" he looked away, disgusted. She threw herself on the floor before him like a common servant at the slightest hind of his anger, to placate him. She had no pride in her power, and was concerned solely with her appearance, and her survival. She had no ambition. Things had clearly changed more than he had first thought.

"The Demon Lords have become relics of a forgotten era." he said aloud, "We are divided, and we are no longer considered a threat, both by GranDracmon and by Alphamon. Before this is over, we shall show them how very foolish they are to forget their place. I have been absent for far too long, and it is time the worlds once again felt the fury of Lucemom and the Demon Lords!"

He was silent for a long moment. "I shall not ally myself with Alphamon," he said at last, his tone reflective once more, "however, it may be prudent not to seek to destroy him, for the time being. I am relucant to admit that, in the Dark Area at least, GranDracmon may be my superior in power, and as long as he resides there, it shall be difficult to destroy him. If we could but bait him out of it, I would be able to destroy him, and to do this, we need to destroy his Royal Knights and halt his advance. He will be forced to take a hand or make the Dark Area his tomb. But there is something else in this. I know it. Alphamon does not advance his forces, he stays put in File City. This is not like him. He is waiting for something, he must be."

Lucemon laughed, a chilling sound with more threat than humour, "Pray for your sake that you are right, Lilithmon, for I do not tolerate fools."
flawlessmalice on July 17th, 2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
"I should have chosen my words more wisely Lord Lucemon." Lilithmon recoiled into herself, "I meant more that while being disbanded it would take a long time to build up our previous power. Not that you need our help, but you are far stronger on your own, but to build up an army to combat GranDracomon's we need much time, and hopefully he'll still be occupied with Alphamon so that we can revive our strength."

Lilithmon was worried perhaps by the way in which Lucemon would consider her, after all he was a digimon who did not see allies, only to rule over them, but mostly to destroy those that did not construe to his nature. It was not that she felt weakened but rather was far curious as to the power of GranDracomon. She saw the battle between he and Lucemon and it was nothing near a fair fight. Lucemon seemed to forget that he used plenty of minions as well, herself included. But of course, she was there to put down her own power not his, she couldn't imagine if she has recounted what she had seen of the fight, for Lucemon interpreted even his loses in the most arrogant manner, and it was her duty to keep falsified image still in place.

Whatever weak putrid emotion that tied her to Lucemon, she always felt so unbearably weak near him, her companions she had no fear of. She had been building up her power since Lucemon's defeat, but for her own sake of pride she was not going to try and prove this. After all, no matter how strong she tried to make herself, she could never reach Lucemon's level. Unless of course, they found their own new was of evolution.

"Where are the others for that matter? Possibly hiding within their own shame." Lilithmon let out a snarl as she stood her body once more, "Quite disappointing." At least she, as groveling as she may have to be, was at least there to follow Lucemon to whatever grave he chose for her. She knew no matter how wrong he could be, she would do just that. Not out of fear, but of other loyalties.

"My Lord, I sense it too, his actions are very peculiar. Do you think it may be those humans?" The last word came out in a biting shrill. She hated humans far more than even the purest digimon. Spineless, weak, and somehow the good aligned themselves with them, somehow the tales of defeat of the greatest masters of the dark have all been by their hand. Those wretched things have the keys to evolution, but for these Dark Lords to even understand that they would have to interact with the human species, something she would never wish upon herself or the other Demon Lords for that matter.
luciferspride on July 17th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
"Time is not a luxury that we have. As our enemies move, so must we. But I am not concerned with his puppets, they are beneath me. I am concerned with striking at HIM, for this conflict will not end until only one is left standing: Alphamon, GranDracmon or myself. The rest are but pawns used for distractions."

Lucemon could appreciate the strategy and tactics behind GranDracmon's use of the Royal Knights, but it irked him to have to play such a game with a coward who refused to take part in the battle himself. Lucemon disdained fighting battles himself, unless he faced a worthy opponent. That GranDracmon refused to face him in a battle of sheer power, to the death, suggested that he considered Lucemon as an inferior. THAT was intolerable, and Lucemon's pride demanded retribution.

"The others will answer to their insolence to me in due time. And when they do, they had better have a good excuse for daring this." Lucemon did not care a whit about his brethren, he only cared about keeping them in line. No matter what, they followed him, and they must not be allowed to forget that. Unquestioned obedience was the right of absolute power, and Lucemon WAS absolute power.

"The Digidestined? Alphamon would be both wise and desperate to take such a gamble.", he shook his head, "that does make sense, for when times are dire those who consider themselves righteous always allow others to do their dirty work for them, making them no better than those they seek to destroy," he laughed at the idea. Alphamon would surely LOVE to hear that.
"But if that is the case, we have far greater concerns than GranDracmon. If Digidestined exist, they must not be allowed to advance their power to the extent that they would pose a threat to us." Between the Digidestined and GranDracmon, Lucemon would take the latter, whose power he could measure and overcome. The Digidestined were a wild card, possessing a power beyond even his understanding. They would need to be dealt with first, for no matter what they uses may be in eliminating GranDracmon, their threat was far greater.
flawlessmalice on July 17th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
"Yes, the pawns are our duty, not yours Lord. And as puppets I imagine they must be mere images of themselves as nothing to worry. The only concern is I think you were onto something suggesting that it is data collecting, so I suppose we much be careful what of our strength we expose to GranDracomon."Lilithmon broke from Lucemon and started to walk around the room, her fingers running around the rims of old portraits of powerful digimon across the room, each picture residing over the different seats the Dark Lords generally took.

"Sounds delicious." The idea of torture towards the other Lords pleased her greatly. Some of their racket was so irksome she took great pleasure watching her own comrades suffer.

"How do you suggest we cut them off? Surely if they're coming to GranDracomon they'll be coming into the Dark Realm which will help our abilities, but the deeper they go, the stronger they may learn to also become..."
luciferspride on July 17th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
"On the contrary, Lilithmon. Now that they are his puppets, they are more powerful than what they were once before. Else they would have been swept away by Alphamon long before now, or I doubt GranDracmon would have even bothered with them in the first place." Lucemon put his feet up on the table and settled back into his chair, "Still, you may have them to play with, if that is what you desire. I have no use for them."

"Well, what else would he be doing? The fool had the Digital World in the palm of his hand when I was...temporarily incapacitated. He should have destroyed me - or at least dared to attempt it - and then conquered. He is clearly waiting for something as well. Perhaps it is indeed the Digidestined they both seek to wager upon in their game. However, they both ignore the third player - us. That will be their undoing."

Lucemon ignored her comment. No doubt Lilithmon would love to get her hands on the other Demon Lords, almost as much as she would love to have him in the palm of her hand. However, he was not one to show favouritism to his underlings. He would settle accounts with the others himself.

"We need to divide them. They are strong only when they work as a team. Break up that team, and you break up their strength. If they exist, we must ascertain their motives, and their identities. Then may we prey off of them. Alphamon will not leave File City, so they will be unprotected outside of it. A staged rescue - perhaps if they are attacked by one of those puppet Royal Knights you or I could intervene and destroy it - to gain their trust, or approach them if they travel individually. Although that may be too much to expect, for they are usually a rather close knit group."