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04 August 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Who: Luc, Jeanette, Lucemon, Lilithmon + any other Demon Lords and their servants.
Where: Daemon's Castle
What: Planning for the fight against the digidestined.

The castle was much more of what it was since the time Lilithmon first came there. It was now filled with servants doting all over the place, bowing in the presence of Lucemon and Lilithmon. The place, while still spooky, was now garish, decorated with furniture and frigthful little things, all for the Demon Lords to command over with their own amusement. It was looking far more like a base. The same digimon who had paid respect to their Lords hissed and provoked the two children with berating threats and insults. Though the Lords had explained their plans in brief to their subjects, they had left much out including that the children would actually come to stay with them. Of course for those of the Dark Realm this was most unsatsifactory, left only with sanguine desires.

However, the watchful eyes of their Lords let the digimon know of their place. They would not dare touch the children if their Lords had not asked as surely their data would be extracted on point.

Two LadyDevimon came over to Lilithmon cackling as they stared at the children with great misgivings. She paid them little mind as then truend back to the children, Jeanette still floating within the bed.

"The power Lucemon shall give to you will rid your body of any of the pain you have now, but remember we can also cause more, so make your choices wisely." Lilithmon stirred her fingers within the air, whispering a few things back to the LadyDevimon,

"These two shall take you to your chamber as for now I'm sure you are most tired, as Demon Lords we have much to discuss, but we will have a grand feast so that you may get a welcome we take pleasure in daily." In that moment the two children were whisked away, and Lilithmon turned back towards her Lord, with a rather vile smile on her face. Oh how what was happening pleased her,

"I think we may test their loyalties to fight against their friends. I think if anything it'd be a delicious spectacle."


As they went up the rather large banister, everyone floating apart from Luc, he began humming which only seemed to annoy the two LadyDevimon, but they paid no mind, only staring far in front of them, they cared little for what these horrid little creatures would discuss.

"Aha what an interesting turn of events." Luc chuckled, his sight slowly panning towards Jeanette, "So what are you thoughts?"
psychiatriet on August 5th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)
"We only need one Digidestined." Lucemon reminded her, "That we have two is fortunate. However, our goal is not make them our allies, but to prevent them from becoming a team. We shall first need to ascertain how many of them there are before we attempt to recruit any more. It would be a fine thing to have them unite in our castle and decide that they wished to betray us now, wouldn't it?" he laughed softly, knowing that if the two he had were foolish enough to try that, it would be the last mistake they would make.

Indeed, it would make more sense to destroy them immediately and have done with it. But there was no eloquence to that plan.

"An interesting plan, my Lord." Daemon stepped forward, "My armies and myself are at your disposal."

"Of course they are." Lucemon replied smoothly, "You know the punishment for disobedience. Or perhaps you would prefer it if I allowed Lilithmon to do as she wishes with you?" he smiled as Daemon said nothing, his eyes burning from within the shadows of his robe. He was trapped, and he knew it. He would like nothing more than to strike out at Lucemon for invading his castle and asserting his authority over him, but knew to do so would be to invite slow, painful destruction. All he could do was stand there, knowing his life was Lucemon's to do with as he pleased. Like a common servant.

"I do not wish for them to become puppets yet." Lucemon said, returning his attention to Lilithmon, "Not before we have had the opportunity to study them, and see how their power works. Once we have determined that, you may do as you please with them. Although you may toy with them in the meantime, I suppose. So long as they are not united with the others, our purpose is served, in part."


"My name is Jeanette." she replied, "Nicknames are by-products of familiarity, and familiarity is not something that I partake in. Please address me by my name, or do not address me at all."

"I am no more allied with these Digimon than you are. I do not choose sides. I listen to any who will open themselves to me, and even those who will not, I analyse, and I act as I see fit. Nothing more, nothing less. Lilithmon approached me and offered her aid, and told me something - but not all - of what she wanted. I chose to listen to her, as I listened to Alphamon when he wished to speak with me." she rolled over, her back to him. She didn't really feel like sleeping, having gotten a good amount of rest when she was unconscious, but she didn't particularly want to discuss things with this boy, either.