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04 August 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Who: Luc, Jeanette, Lucemon, Lilithmon + any other Demon Lords and their servants.
Where: Daemon's Castle
What: Planning for the fight against the digidestined.

The castle was much more of what it was since the time Lilithmon first came there. It was now filled with servants doting all over the place, bowing in the presence of Lucemon and Lilithmon. The place, while still spooky, was now garish, decorated with furniture and frigthful little things, all for the Demon Lords to command over with their own amusement. It was looking far more like a base. The same digimon who had paid respect to their Lords hissed and provoked the two children with berating threats and insults. Though the Lords had explained their plans in brief to their subjects, they had left much out including that the children would actually come to stay with them. Of course for those of the Dark Realm this was most unsatsifactory, left only with sanguine desires.

However, the watchful eyes of their Lords let the digimon know of their place. They would not dare touch the children if their Lords had not asked as surely their data would be extracted on point.

Two LadyDevimon came over to Lilithmon cackling as they stared at the children with great misgivings. She paid them little mind as then truend back to the children, Jeanette still floating within the bed.

"The power Lucemon shall give to you will rid your body of any of the pain you have now, but remember we can also cause more, so make your choices wisely." Lilithmon stirred her fingers within the air, whispering a few things back to the LadyDevimon,

"These two shall take you to your chamber as for now I'm sure you are most tired, as Demon Lords we have much to discuss, but we will have a grand feast so that you may get a welcome we take pleasure in daily." In that moment the two children were whisked away, and Lilithmon turned back towards her Lord, with a rather vile smile on her face. Oh how what was happening pleased her,

"I think we may test their loyalties to fight against their friends. I think if anything it'd be a delicious spectacle."


As they went up the rather large banister, everyone floating apart from Luc, he began humming which only seemed to annoy the two LadyDevimon, but they paid no mind, only staring far in front of them, they cared little for what these horrid little creatures would discuss.

"Aha what an interesting turn of events." Luc chuckled, his sight slowly panning towards Jeanette, "So what are you thoughts?"
neoubermensch on August 5th, 2009 07:13 am (UTC)
"Reveal yourself now, Daemon." he said loudly, striding past Lilithmon and looking around, fighting to keep back his rage.

From behind the presence of Lucemon, Lilithmon gave a bit of a snarl, leaning in towards Daemon. Though she felt subservient to Lucemon, the other Lords were dispensable to her, and they in turn knew of her power. As the second in command to Lucemon, she would not tolerate those that would cause him anguish.

"Lucemon, do not worry yourself with this, fool" Her eyes narrowed intently, "If he oversteps himself, I shall educate him thoroughly." Lilithmon moved her Nazar Nail towards Daemon, playfully drawing it back towards her just before she would have touched him.

Lilithmon nodded in approval with Lucemon's plans, "Perhaps, if the other children are not as unallied as these, we may be able to break their bonds, especially if they invest themselves in emotions. You are wise lord as we must ascertain what makes them weak."

"Both are rather insufferable aren't they? But humans are..." Her mind drifted passively until Lucemon mentioned her previous notion, to which her delight resurfaced. "Well now... it seems that we may have a way to control the human children without their own wishes. The two would make perfect vessels as it works best on those who have little tie to their emotional value." She blinked momentarily, and then waved a finger for another group of LadyDevimon to come over with smaller good digimon, all with blanker stares on their faces,

"It is in the beginning processes... but we may be able to utilize them as puppets. So, if they think they can go freely from us, and if they do not fear death, perhaps they fear their very consciousness to be sapped away."


"Oh come now." Luc laughed a bit cheerily, "You don't ever seem to enjoy yourself do you? I suppose you are incapable of having fun though, hmmm Jenny? After all elation is a type of emotion."

Knowing that he would get little response from her he chose to continue, mindfully taking into account his own position but not choosing to think much of it,

"Why did you choose to come with them? You should know that they will not allow you to leave with ease if you do not see the situation in the way you see fit."

They were both led into a room which seemed to be some odd assortment of bedding and other human objects. Everything was oddly placed, things turned rather upside down. Luc looked at this with a bit of an amused stare. As it seemed to do with human things it was a world built on surfaces. Even the creatures looked as if they were dreamt up in the minds of smaller children of what represented 'good' and what 'bad'.

He instead planted himself on one of the beds as Jeanette's own floated in and then placed itself on the ground. And just as the two entered, the doors clicked shut. It seemed they were going to be told when they were going to be able to come out.