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04 August 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Who: Luc, Jeanette, Lucemon, Lilithmon + any other Demon Lords and their servants.
Where: Daemon's Castle
What: Planning for the fight against the digidestined.

The castle was much more of what it was since the time Lilithmon first came there. It was now filled with servants doting all over the place, bowing in the presence of Lucemon and Lilithmon. The place, while still spooky, was now garish, decorated with furniture and frigthful little things, all for the Demon Lords to command over with their own amusement. It was looking far more like a base. The same digimon who had paid respect to their Lords hissed and provoked the two children with berating threats and insults. Though the Lords had explained their plans in brief to their subjects, they had left much out including that the children would actually come to stay with them. Of course for those of the Dark Realm this was most unsatsifactory, left only with sanguine desires.

However, the watchful eyes of their Lords let the digimon know of their place. They would not dare touch the children if their Lords had not asked as surely their data would be extracted on point.

Two LadyDevimon came over to Lilithmon cackling as they stared at the children with great misgivings. She paid them little mind as then truend back to the children, Jeanette still floating within the bed.

"The power Lucemon shall give to you will rid your body of any of the pain you have now, but remember we can also cause more, so make your choices wisely." Lilithmon stirred her fingers within the air, whispering a few things back to the LadyDevimon,

"These two shall take you to your chamber as for now I'm sure you are most tired, as Demon Lords we have much to discuss, but we will have a grand feast so that you may get a welcome we take pleasure in daily." In that moment the two children were whisked away, and Lilithmon turned back towards her Lord, with a rather vile smile on her face. Oh how what was happening pleased her,

"I think we may test their loyalties to fight against their friends. I think if anything it'd be a delicious spectacle."


As they went up the rather large banister, everyone floating apart from Luc, he began humming which only seemed to annoy the two LadyDevimon, but they paid no mind, only staring far in front of them, they cared little for what these horrid little creatures would discuss.

"Aha what an interesting turn of events." Luc chuckled, his sight slowly panning towards Jeanette, "So what are you thoughts?"
psychiatriet on August 5th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
The castle was much more active than it had been before, Lucemon noticed. It was far cleaner, as well. He didn't have to ask Lilithmon to know that all these servants did not belong to her.

"Reveal yourself now, Daemon." he said loudly, striding past Lilithmon and looking around, fighting to keep back his rage.

A Digimon appeared from out of the shadows, its features completely hidden by a long crimson cloak, the form Daemon often took outside of battle. It offered a half-bow in deference.
"Your pardon, my Lord. I did not expect to see you here, and chose to conceal myself in anticipation of...uninvited guests." his gaze lingered on the two children for a moment, but he said nothing to or about them, "You are welcome, of course, to my castle."

"Explain yourself. Ignoring one of my summons is grounds for immediate destruction." Lucemon said, his tone icy. It would be an nuisance to have to destroy Daemon from impudence, especially in front of the children. Dissent in the ranks of the Demon Lords was not to be tolerated.

"Again, my Lord, I must ask your pardon. When your summons came, I was in the Dark Area." he said nothing more, and Lucemon gave him an approving nod. To let these children know of what he had been up to might not be prudent. However, he had better have discovered something of use for if not, consequences would be...most dire. Lucemon might even allow Lilithmon to keep him as a pet. Daemon had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of minions. His presence would mean that Beelzemon was somewhere nearby, as well. Lucemon would deal with him in due time. For now, he had other matters to attend to.

"Very well, Daemon, we shall speak later."

"My Lord." Daemon bowed and retreated a few steps, silently observing. At least he, unlike Lilithmon, knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Lucemon watched the children go, making sure they were well out of earshot before turning to face Lilithmon to answer her:
"Their loyalties will always be in doubt, no matter what we test them with. The boy is loyal only to himself; his arrogance is insufferable. The girl appears not to have any loyalties at all. They are allied to us at present out of convenience. However, the irony of such a task is amusing, and it would be a good way to test their strength. It would be an ideal way to ascertain the whereabouts of the other Digidestined, as well. Very well, then. Now..." he looked at the two of them, "we have much to discuss. You wished to discuss something with me, Lilithmon?"


The castle was quite a magnificent structure. Like something out of a vampire film, Jeanette decided. The spitting image of it, right down to the numerous servants and the ominous master in the crimson cloak. Perhaps this world was the origin of human stereotypes. Or it took after them. Either way, these worlds were indeed more closely intertwined than was apparent. It was interesting.
The politics between the self-proclaimed Demon Lords was not lost on her. There were clearly more of them than just the three of them, and Lucemon was extremely angry about it. That would require further investigation.

"That the situation requires further analysis before an accurate judgement can be made." Jeanette replied indifferently, choosing not to elaborate, her mind still sifting through the situation.