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04 August 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Who: Luc, Jeanette, Lucemon, Lilithmon + any other Demon Lords and their servants.
Where: Daemon's Castle
What: Planning for the fight against the digidestined.

The castle was much more of what it was since the time Lilithmon first came there. It was now filled with servants doting all over the place, bowing in the presence of Lucemon and Lilithmon. The place, while still spooky, was now garish, decorated with furniture and frigthful little things, all for the Demon Lords to command over with their own amusement. It was looking far more like a base. The same digimon who had paid respect to their Lords hissed and provoked the two children with berating threats and insults. Though the Lords had explained their plans in brief to their subjects, they had left much out including that the children would actually come to stay with them. Of course for those of the Dark Realm this was most unsatsifactory, left only with sanguine desires.

However, the watchful eyes of their Lords let the digimon know of their place. They would not dare touch the children if their Lords had not asked as surely their data would be extracted on point.

Two LadyDevimon came over to Lilithmon cackling as they stared at the children with great misgivings. She paid them little mind as then truend back to the children, Jeanette still floating within the bed.

"The power Lucemon shall give to you will rid your body of any of the pain you have now, but remember we can also cause more, so make your choices wisely." Lilithmon stirred her fingers within the air, whispering a few things back to the LadyDevimon,

"These two shall take you to your chamber as for now I'm sure you are most tired, as Demon Lords we have much to discuss, but we will have a grand feast so that you may get a welcome we take pleasure in daily." In that moment the two children were whisked away, and Lilithmon turned back towards her Lord, with a rather vile smile on her face. Oh how what was happening pleased her,

"I think we may test their loyalties to fight against their friends. I think if anything it'd be a delicious spectacle."


As they went up the rather large banister, everyone floating apart from Luc, he began humming which only seemed to annoy the two LadyDevimon, but they paid no mind, only staring far in front of them, they cared little for what these horrid little creatures would discuss.

"Aha what an interesting turn of events." Luc chuckled, his sight slowly panning towards Jeanette, "So what are you thoughts?"
psychiatriet on August 5th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
The castle was much more active than it had been before, Lucemon noticed. It was far cleaner, as well. He didn't have to ask Lilithmon to know that all these servants did not belong to her.

"Reveal yourself now, Daemon." he said loudly, striding past Lilithmon and looking around, fighting to keep back his rage.

A Digimon appeared from out of the shadows, its features completely hidden by a long crimson cloak, the form Daemon often took outside of battle. It offered a half-bow in deference.
"Your pardon, my Lord. I did not expect to see you here, and chose to conceal myself in anticipation of...uninvited guests." his gaze lingered on the two children for a moment, but he said nothing to or about them, "You are welcome, of course, to my castle."

"Explain yourself. Ignoring one of my summons is grounds for immediate destruction." Lucemon said, his tone icy. It would be an nuisance to have to destroy Daemon from impudence, especially in front of the children. Dissent in the ranks of the Demon Lords was not to be tolerated.

"Again, my Lord, I must ask your pardon. When your summons came, I was in the Dark Area." he said nothing more, and Lucemon gave him an approving nod. To let these children know of what he had been up to might not be prudent. However, he had better have discovered something of use for if not, consequences would be...most dire. Lucemon might even allow Lilithmon to keep him as a pet. Daemon had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of minions. His presence would mean that Beelzemon was somewhere nearby, as well. Lucemon would deal with him in due time. For now, he had other matters to attend to.

"Very well, Daemon, we shall speak later."

"My Lord." Daemon bowed and retreated a few steps, silently observing. At least he, unlike Lilithmon, knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Lucemon watched the children go, making sure they were well out of earshot before turning to face Lilithmon to answer her:
"Their loyalties will always be in doubt, no matter what we test them with. The boy is loyal only to himself; his arrogance is insufferable. The girl appears not to have any loyalties at all. They are allied to us at present out of convenience. However, the irony of such a task is amusing, and it would be a good way to test their strength. It would be an ideal way to ascertain the whereabouts of the other Digidestined, as well. Very well, then. Now..." he looked at the two of them, "we have much to discuss. You wished to discuss something with me, Lilithmon?"


The castle was quite a magnificent structure. Like something out of a vampire film, Jeanette decided. The spitting image of it, right down to the numerous servants and the ominous master in the crimson cloak. Perhaps this world was the origin of human stereotypes. Or it took after them. Either way, these worlds were indeed more closely intertwined than was apparent. It was interesting.
The politics between the self-proclaimed Demon Lords was not lost on her. There were clearly more of them than just the three of them, and Lucemon was extremely angry about it. That would require further investigation.

"That the situation requires further analysis before an accurate judgement can be made." Jeanette replied indifferently, choosing not to elaborate, her mind still sifting through the situation.
neoubermensch on August 5th, 2009 07:13 am (UTC)
"Reveal yourself now, Daemon." he said loudly, striding past Lilithmon and looking around, fighting to keep back his rage.

From behind the presence of Lucemon, Lilithmon gave a bit of a snarl, leaning in towards Daemon. Though she felt subservient to Lucemon, the other Lords were dispensable to her, and they in turn knew of her power. As the second in command to Lucemon, she would not tolerate those that would cause him anguish.

"Lucemon, do not worry yourself with this, fool" Her eyes narrowed intently, "If he oversteps himself, I shall educate him thoroughly." Lilithmon moved her Nazar Nail towards Daemon, playfully drawing it back towards her just before she would have touched him.

Lilithmon nodded in approval with Lucemon's plans, "Perhaps, if the other children are not as unallied as these, we may be able to break their bonds, especially if they invest themselves in emotions. You are wise lord as we must ascertain what makes them weak."

"Both are rather insufferable aren't they? But humans are..." Her mind drifted passively until Lucemon mentioned her previous notion, to which her delight resurfaced. "Well now... it seems that we may have a way to control the human children without their own wishes. The two would make perfect vessels as it works best on those who have little tie to their emotional value." She blinked momentarily, and then waved a finger for another group of LadyDevimon to come over with smaller good digimon, all with blanker stares on their faces,

"It is in the beginning processes... but we may be able to utilize them as puppets. So, if they think they can go freely from us, and if they do not fear death, perhaps they fear their very consciousness to be sapped away."


"Oh come now." Luc laughed a bit cheerily, "You don't ever seem to enjoy yourself do you? I suppose you are incapable of having fun though, hmmm Jenny? After all elation is a type of emotion."

Knowing that he would get little response from her he chose to continue, mindfully taking into account his own position but not choosing to think much of it,

"Why did you choose to come with them? You should know that they will not allow you to leave with ease if you do not see the situation in the way you see fit."

They were both led into a room which seemed to be some odd assortment of bedding and other human objects. Everything was oddly placed, things turned rather upside down. Luc looked at this with a bit of an amused stare. As it seemed to do with human things it was a world built on surfaces. Even the creatures looked as if they were dreamt up in the minds of smaller children of what represented 'good' and what 'bad'.

He instead planted himself on one of the beds as Jeanette's own floated in and then placed itself on the ground. And just as the two entered, the doors clicked shut. It seemed they were going to be told when they were going to be able to come out.
psychiatriet on August 5th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)
"We only need one Digidestined." Lucemon reminded her, "That we have two is fortunate. However, our goal is not make them our allies, but to prevent them from becoming a team. We shall first need to ascertain how many of them there are before we attempt to recruit any more. It would be a fine thing to have them unite in our castle and decide that they wished to betray us now, wouldn't it?" he laughed softly, knowing that if the two he had were foolish enough to try that, it would be the last mistake they would make.

Indeed, it would make more sense to destroy them immediately and have done with it. But there was no eloquence to that plan.

"An interesting plan, my Lord." Daemon stepped forward, "My armies and myself are at your disposal."

"Of course they are." Lucemon replied smoothly, "You know the punishment for disobedience. Or perhaps you would prefer it if I allowed Lilithmon to do as she wishes with you?" he smiled as Daemon said nothing, his eyes burning from within the shadows of his robe. He was trapped, and he knew it. He would like nothing more than to strike out at Lucemon for invading his castle and asserting his authority over him, but knew to do so would be to invite slow, painful destruction. All he could do was stand there, knowing his life was Lucemon's to do with as he pleased. Like a common servant.

"I do not wish for them to become puppets yet." Lucemon said, returning his attention to Lilithmon, "Not before we have had the opportunity to study them, and see how their power works. Once we have determined that, you may do as you please with them. Although you may toy with them in the meantime, I suppose. So long as they are not united with the others, our purpose is served, in part."


"My name is Jeanette." she replied, "Nicknames are by-products of familiarity, and familiarity is not something that I partake in. Please address me by my name, or do not address me at all."

"I am no more allied with these Digimon than you are. I do not choose sides. I listen to any who will open themselves to me, and even those who will not, I analyse, and I act as I see fit. Nothing more, nothing less. Lilithmon approached me and offered her aid, and told me something - but not all - of what she wanted. I chose to listen to her, as I listened to Alphamon when he wished to speak with me." she rolled over, her back to him. She didn't really feel like sleeping, having gotten a good amount of rest when she was unconscious, but she didn't particularly want to discuss things with this boy, either.
neoubermensch on August 5th, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
"I doubt either of the two would even pay loyalty to the other." She scoffed, "They both are foolish enough to think that matters would come to benefit them. He, insistent enough to believe that things are irrelevant to himself, and she believes in entitlement to choice. And without their digimon loyalty you are right, we already have the ability within our grasp..."

To destroy them, Lilithmon agreed would be easy but they would perhaps lose the opportunity to understand digivolution, and if it was possible for either she or Lucemon to reach that stage, well then they would truly become of an even greater power. These chidren were mere entities to exact this but they themselves would never have that power. Any association is a false authority.

To Lucemon's words, Lilithmon could see Daemon's mood sour, which only made her burn with delight, her eyes focusing on Daemon's weakening demeanor.

"It is still in the beginning stages anyway my Lord, but it is another way to use them for digivolution still if we had to resort to killing them." Any mention of words of killing, destruction, annihilation coursed through her right arm making it wretch in an almost agony from the inability to exact her intentions.


"And I don't partake in formalities. Sustaining them sustains walls." Luc laughed as he stared over at Jeanette, "Regardless, this is far more productive than traveling with that group of urchins. However, these digimon, if they are anything like what they mirror seem nothing but of malicious intentions."

"Your version of correction is far from objective and because it is so subjective it is foolish of anyone to think you are without emotion..." He sighed choosing not to get in any matters of arguing with her, "...but I suppose I will have to respect it in a matter that I believe in the correction of the world as well." Luc instead, actually felt, rather comfortable around Jeanette. There was no need for games or falsifying any ulterior objectives with her as she would just see through him, but just because she could. And, it didn't worry Luc as long as the others were not present.
psychiatriet on August 5th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
"Perhaps it would be best to keep them apart, then. Although not after at least one mission together. I wish to see this power of teamwork that they place such a high value on in action." Lucemon did not say aloud that, together, they could prove a formidable team if they were of similar minds. Perhaps keeping them apart would be for the best, but not for the apparent reasons.

"I would prefer to avoid that if possible. This power they have appears to come from their very core, and I do not believe that any lesser Digimon could corrupt that. I find it inconceivable that even GranDracmon could." Lucemon left it unsaid as to whether or not HE could. He wasn't entirely certain, and he hated being uncertain of his own abilities. He could try, but he did not wish to damage them. Yet.

"In any event...Daemon. What justifies your disobedience to me?" Lucemon asked, turning on him, smiling menacingly, "I do hope you have a good excuse."

"My Lord, as I told you earlier, I have been within the Dark Area." Daemon said quickly, "In it I have seen many things. GranDracmon still lurks within his castle, and I was unable to infiltrate it."

"You, a Demon Lord?" Lucemon frowned. Had Daemon begun to rely on his minions too much?

"My Lord, his power is...incredible. I have not seen its like in this world, outside of the Digimon Sovereigns and yourself, of course. He has corrupted several of the Royal Knights, a task I believed impossible, and several of the most powerful Holy Digimon serve him. Few resist, and those that do are quickly destroyed by his Royal Knights. There are Digimon that I have never seen roaming the Dark Area, in their thousands. He is constructing a formidable army, my Lord." he finished.

"Well, we knew he was doing SOMETHING in there." Lucemon threw up his hands in dismay, "Although it matters not. No armies will stand between myself and GranDracmon when the time for his obliteration comes."


"You know nothing of psychological walls, your being hidden firmly behind your own that you are, like most people. That shall never change unless you reveal your true nature to someone voluntarily and are completely honest with them, something your true nature forbids you from doing." Jeanette replied, her tone neutral. She already knew the boy's true nature; he was arrogant and manipulative, and he liked to think he was complex, in a nutshell. He was no different to several other patients she had treated in the past. "The wall between us is of your own device, for I do not have walls. As a psychiatrist, I shall offer my services should you wish to talk about anything that troubles you internally. If you wish to talk, I shall listen."

"'Malicious' is a perspective, not an absolute. There are no absolutes in life. One could say that Alphamon was malicious in his intent. However, where he was pleading, these Digimon are resentful, and their hatred for humankind and other Digimon is on quite an advanced level. Far more advanced than your own hatred for those you perceive as weaker than you is, in fact. " she added, the thought occuring to her, "Yours is a natural superiority complex of normal level for someone of your age and personality type. Theirs is...inhuman, one could say. They are quite fascinating creatures." The boy - whose name she still did not know, nor did she care to know - had probably be drawn to them for that reason. He was certainly very comfortable here, and that was not a mask. He felt little fear at the prospect that they could be killed at any time. Interesting.

"My state of being is irrelevant." she replied. He seemed incapable of understanding her mindset. There was no such thing as "emotionless" for a human mind. Jeanette simply did not feel anything recognisable to one who did not know what they were looking for. This boy would probably never know what to look for. Dracomon hadn't, and he had been around her a lot longer than she had permitted anyone else to be.
neoubermensch on August 5th, 2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
"Of course my Lord. I look forward to the results once we execute this plan."

Lilithmon prefered her role in the situation. When she was alone with Lucemon in this empty castle she had found herself to be more of a feeble sort, but being around all these servantile digimon allowed her to grasp some of the power she once held. After their discussion Lilithmon strove to play around with toy digimon at her pleasure. She had quite a few cute and sweet digimon locked away to test her new strength on.

"Do not worry Lord, WE" And Lilithmon said this with much emphasis on the 'WE' as she gave another threatening glance towards Daemon, 'will ensure to create a path so that you may blast through it with ease and overpower GranDracomon with every ounce of your power."


"This is not life, it is a class. And for that matter, I did not know hatred had levels. I don't know." He mused mildly, "They are rather simplistic to me~"

However, she did not understand at all where he was coming from. He was not holding up walls in this case. For Jeanette, walls were unnecessary.

"So so so!" Luc say with a bit of a jump out of bed, to where he scrambled up and leaned up against her own, "What fun what fun~" He rolled back and forth with a large smile, "Since obviously I'm soooo incapable and so simplistic. Why don't we play a game." His eyes slitted, "Tell me who I am, why don't you. Why don't you share everything about me. I'm curious, ever so curious who I am."

Luc's face took on a more serious expression,
"And then I shall tell you everything you wish."
psychiatriet on August 6th, 2009 07:12 am (UTC)
[OOC: Luc surprises me. XD]

"Indeed, my Lord. You have but to command." Daemon inclined his head slightly, ignoring Lilithmon. She had always been his little pet.

"We shall begin tomorrow morning. We shall provide the Digidestined with two of our reasonably powerful minions, and see what they can do with them." Lucemon mused, "If they are not a match for their own kin, then we must re-think our plans. Although I imagine that we would have to destroy them. Or use them as bait or hostages. They will have no use for us as fighting tools."


"What is the difference between the two? Ultimately, what does it matter?" Jeanette asked rhetorically. That was an irrelevant point, although she didn't feel like repeating that again. She'd be repeating herself all night, and she didn't make a habit of doing that, "It is to be expected that your psyche is a simplistic matter for you, because it is rare that people consider their own psyche in the manner of a psychiatrist, let alone with an unbiased view."

Jeanette raised an eyebrow ever-so-slightly, the only reaction he would get from her. His sudden eagerness was extremely out-of-character, making it extremely in-character. Nobody liked to be understood, so he was attempting to throw her off balance.
"I have not stated that you were incapable or simplistic. Only that you are not as capable and complex as you like to think that you are. And I do not play games." she flexed her legs, slightly relieved that they responded to her commands this time. She should be able to walk by the morning. That would make things considerably easier.
"I do not know everything about you, nor have I ever claimed to. I simply know what the mask you wear hides from others. It is my job to see through such masks. Yours hides your ego. You have shown that you regard others as inferior to yourself, unless they meet a certain set of standards. People are but pieces on a gameboard to you, a mentality that you adopt in some effort to make life more interesting, for I would surmise that you find being the only intelligence in a world filled with morons who do not grasp your subtlties most trite and dull. Many do not "read-between-the-lines" deeply enough for you to acknowledge them. Those who are weaker than you are those who you can exploit and manipulate for your amusement. It follows logically that your driving goal is to find an opponent who meets your standards and who perhaps even surpasses them. This is what I have surmised to be your core mentality, which gives rise the many aspects of your personality."

"I do not 'wish' to know anything, other than what you care to reveal to me." Jeanette was beginning to tire. She was not about to abandon a potential patient, although she would perhaps have to suggest it would be wise they get some sleep. No doubt Lucemon would wish them to do something tomorrow morning. He would most likely be disappointed.
neoubermensch on August 6th, 2009 07:39 am (UTC)
(OOC: I swear there is a path in his character logic... It's just... warped... >_>
Hehe I think we'll be on time for the battle against the digidestined.)

"Yes m'lord. I shall now return to my chamber as I have things to take care of..." Lilithmon bowed her body and then dissipated into a cloud of dust, she was excited for tomorrow.


He listened to the first statement but it only made him laugh, if possibly because he had no respect for psychologists for that matter. Even what psychologists say is only made up of illusions, generally self-serving mirrored images of what they transferred onto a patient to deal with their own psychosis. It is known as a flawed practice, the DSM has constantly been changed due to flaws in assumption. He wondered as she called herself such if she had her own psychiatrist as it is illegal to practice without the assurance that you are qualified. But of course, who is to say since that therapist has one of their own. Psychology was a masturbatory practice, patients getting an opportunity to feel of value, psychologists satisfying their needs to feel superior. It was a joke, as most things were, in fact, it was why he laughed, always.

Luc nodded to her words with a feigned seriousness, folding his arms and nodding. After all, Luc wasn't capable quite ever, of being serious. Sure there were a few things that she said that were correct, but there were things that were slightly off kilter. But that didn't matter, for...

"You say you don't like games but you just played Jenny..." He giggled and then picked himself up looking down at her for a moment,

"Then I shall tell you one thing." He held up a pointer finger. "Inferiority is not of pure intellect for me, I find many of intellect substandard in fact. Human nature is vile, self-serving, and all act as festering pools of the remained failing systems of Darwin. I act as I chose to for the pure purpose that interaction is necessary and that most are comforted by feigned appearances. No one likes a nice person, they say they will, but they do not, and I must abide by the rules of human nature if I am going to push through the intentions of this world, to create something beautiful. Yes beautiful." He smiled, a more sincere smile this time,

"But sometimes, you need to be a devil to do a god's work."

And with this, Luc fell into the bed and began to nap.
psychiatriet on August 6th, 2009 08:08 am (UTC)
[OOC: Mmmyep. We just need to fast-forward time a little bit. Want to do that in another thread or here?]

Lucemon watched her go, then turned to Daemon, "I shall be retiring as well. I have much to contemplate. Select two of your better minions, but not one who is overly powerful, and have them prepared for the Digidestined by the time morning comes. If Beelzemon were here I would send him alone and have done with it. I swear, I'm going to rip those sub-ordinate dogs to pieces..." Lucemon trailed off angrily, turning his back on the motionless Daemon and walking away.

Daemon watched him go silently, seething. His day would come one day, of that he had no doubt. He was content to wait for it. When it came, it would be all the more sweeter.
He turned his mind to the task ahead. Perhaps a LadyDevimon and a Myotismon, respectively, would suffice. Although they were powerful Digimon for commoners, so perhaps not. He continued to muse.


Jeanette had expected him to shrug off everything she said to him. It was unsurprising, really. Many patients laughed it off, so fearful were they of confronting their own psychosis. It mattered not to her.

"My name is Jeanette, not "Jenny", and I did not just play. You asked a question of me. I answered. Nothing more, nothing less."

"I knew of this already, although you have given me a clearer idea of how your mind works by confirming it aloud. Much of what you say is mirrored in your acts, or lack thereof. Many would call your behaviour self-destructive. I am not interested in making judgements however, only in making observations."

She watched him for a moment, pondering his last statement. A messianic complex, as well. Yet he still clung to the same ideas of good and evil that plagued living creatures in general. A shame.
"'Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment.'" she said quietly to herself. Quite true of this one.
neoubermensch on August 6th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
(perhaps where we can start after this in a new area? With Lucemon and Lilithmon explaining to them their tasks and they're already waiting in this position for the digidestined to show up? So essentially the others can be 'walking in that direction', and we can be 'planning a bit briefly so that we can also bring the others into our picture' =D)


Luc let an eyelid pluck open.

"Fair enough~ But calling the action self-destructive is deciding and passing judgment. You defeat your own logic. Perhaps you knew this, but as someone who studies the human mind I should think that you would not be discontent with it's falsities as well. Do you not feel that there are many within our world that have no right to be alive and in the proper ecosystem would have died out to certain aspects of evolution? I'm sure you appreciate the psycological study of group mechanics. As found, if one person is within a group and shows disinterest a group will do worse regardless as to how good the rest are. I just feel those who supply no value should not contribute negatively to our ecosystem."

"It is not resentment, I see it as simply, righting something wrong." He murmered and he felt his eyes close, "Do not worry, I perhaps think highly of you, even if you do not the same of me... Jenny."