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31 July 2009 @ 08:16 am
Who: Lucemon, Lilithmon, Jeanette and Luc
Where: Native Forest
What: Recruitment!

Lucemon's lips curled up in disgust as something else brushed against him, and he fought down the overwhelming urge to destroy whatever it is. Doing so would likely set the entire forest alight, and whilst he was indifferent to such an idea, he had no real desire to unite all of the Digidestined against him, especially not with two Royal Knights in tow. Lucemon had no doubt that he could easily take down both of the Royal Knights here with ease - Sleipmon's isolation policy left his powers untested and faded, and Examon's blustering was simply a way of disguising his weakness. However, the destruction of the Royal Knights was not his purpose in this outing. The Digidestined were here, and they were his objective. For now, discretion was advisable. He would watch, wait, ascertain their motives, and from that decide how to strike.

A laugh sounded to his right, away from the booming voice of Examon, and Lucemon paused. Using his powers to conceal himself and Lilithmon from sight - a small use of power, which he judged worth the risk, for with the Digidestined in front of him it was likely Examon would not notice, and Sleipmon would not care either way - he moved towards the source of the noise, and was startled to find a human child there, laughing. The boy was near hysterics, and in him Lucemon recognised something that had been plaguing him recently - frustration at a lack of power. The comparison brought a bitter taste to his mouth, but it was true nevertheless. However, this boy lacked focus or discipline. He was caught up in his own world, and he had not yet recognised his limitations. He would be easy to sway. He backed away and looked to Lilithmon.

"It would appear that fate has been kind to us. I shall speak with the boy. You shall scout the nearby area, for if one of the Digidestined chose not to answer Examon's call, there may be others who are not so accomodating. If you find one, bring them to me, although do not use force. Use that charm that you are so proud of. Go.", turning his back on her, Lucemod strode boldly out of cover and towards the boy. He stopped a few feet away from him, making no threatening gestures. Although if this boy could recognise power, he would see his presence alone as a threatening gesture. If he could not, he was worse than useless to Lucemon and he may as well annihilate them on the spot.

"Your presence in the Digital World speaks for itself, boy. You are Digidestined. My name is Lucemon, and I have an offer for you." he paused, gauging the boy's reaction.
neoubermensch on July 31st, 2009 07:56 am (UTC)
(for common sense I'm just sticking them both in here XD)

"Yes my liege." Lilithmon bowed her head as she disappeared within the brush, turning into a small floating orb to conceal her presence until it was needed. She would do as Lucemon would say, aftr all she took pleasure in manipulation, and though the idea of aligning with the digisdestined did not please her, it was important for them. For her, it was not just to figure out the one that could possibly pull off from the crowd, but in fact to also find one of strength.

She then saw the girl in the clearing but was instantly unamused by it in fact, being a female. Lilithmon, filled with her own vanity and abilities of manipulation understood that it didn't work well with the female and instead her powers were a lot less strong against a female digimon, and she supposed the same over the digidestined, yet she knew her power was still far greater than this mere human child, still, this one didn't give off the same aura that worried Lilithmon,

"Poor little digidestined all a muck." She purred softly, "You don't seem to be particularly enjoying this world well now, are you?"

Though the stare on Jeanette's face was indeed blank, Lilithmon could tell that quite clearly she did not want to be there, in fact Lilithmon did not see the opportunity itself of being a feeble human as that interesting and being in a world of those much more powerful than oneself could not be that enticing.


It was only a few moments of the nap, but Luc had begun to assimilate more with his foundational core, the feelings which had helped me become what he was. He was already decided in what he had to do, and well... it seemed his own journey off from the team was a good choice on his part. It was also very likely he could have been killed in an instant without Dobermon's ability, but well... Luc didn't much like deciding the intentions of rolling a die, but he always enjoyed the outcome.

Luc yawned with a particular intrigue bubbling within him, "I see now, you clearly are not of the Royal Knights, no? I suppose I shall wait to deal with pleasantries, as they are tiresome and not of much importance. Such facilities are useless in said situation after all no? I think we both know perfectly well that this isn't going to lead to something in need of trust and companionship." Luc arched his back and stood up, sneering with delight. The large digimon that stood in front of him was indeed glorious, but it had a different kind of power from what he had seen. It was clear that Lucemon was with a soul unlike Grandracomon's puppet which Luc had little interest in, nor was he putting on a facade of the same Royal Knights he had confronted before, indeed this digimon was different, and he liked it. There were no matters of trust, emotional ties, useless lies to put on a pleasant atmosphere. The power of Lucemon was not something he feared, but only encouraged his intrigue, after all Luc rarely valued his own existence enough to savor it, and it was clear Lucemon needed him more alive than he needed himself.

"I'm listening."
luciferspride on July 31st, 2009 10:36 am (UTC)
(Yup, I'll do the same for Jenny and Lucemon. Although my reason is more due to laziness. XDD)

Jeanette studied the newcomer, disinterested. Whilst she was not quite as apt at reading Digimon as she was at reading people - yet, the fundamentals were essentially the same, it was simply more a matter of tone than facial expression - she could clearly see this one was disgusted by her presence, and was trying as hard as she could to disguise it, although it was as plain on her face as if she was shouting it for the world to hear.

"This world is most interesting." she replied, "However, given the present circumstances, I would indeed prefer to be at home, at least until I regain full mobility. I was brought here against my will when I was unconscious."

She chose not to say anything else. It was clear that this Digimon did not intend to harm her, or else it would have done so already. However, it was also clear that she did not wish her presence to be known to the Royal Knights. Perhaps she was an emissary of this "GranDracmon" character. Or something else entirely.


"A Royal Knight? I?" Lucemon laughed softly, amused at the boy's impudence. If any Digimon had suggested that, he would have struck them down without a second's pause. This boy's ignorance was quite astounding. Still, it mattered not. "I am much more than those simpletons."

"Quite so. To trust in others is to depend upon others, and to rely upon their companionship is a fool's notion. They are naught but two things that hinder one's own power. Power-- that is what you desire, is it not?" absently, Lucemon brought a flame to life in his hand, watching it flicker with disinterest, "I see it within your soul, boy. Your frustration at your inadequacy, your confusion at your situation, and your pride that refuses to let you admit it, for to admit it is to accept defeat and realise your own limitations. I see all of it." he closed his hand over the flame, extinguishing it, and fixed the boy with his penetrating gaze. "That pride shall cost you dearly, unless you learn how to turn it to your advantage."

"You would do well to listen to me, boy, for I AM power. I can offer you power beyond your wildest dreams...or I can crush you here and now like an insect." he smiled without humour, "My offer is this: join me. I seek those who are worthy to aid me in ridding the world of the blight that has been cast upon it. I seek to destroy and, from the ashes, create something greater - surely you tire of the filth that inhabits this world? Yes...you tire of the unworthy. You despise having to interact with them. You despise their very existence, although you may not realise it."

"It is time for you to cease being Alphamon's puppet and to step out of his shadow and become what you were meant to be, what you know you have always been meant to be. Or will you choose to reject my offer, and continue in your limited existence until the end of your days? I shall only make this offer once, boy. Will you choose power, or will you choose the cause of a dead Royal Knight who never saw fit to disclose to you the entire truth?"
neoubermensch on August 1st, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
(Yup, I'll do the same for Jenny and Lucemon. Although my reason is more due to laziness. XDD)

"Brought here, doesn't seem like this is fair to you no? If you wish digidestined, we Demon Lords would gladly help you return to your world."

It was clear to Lilithmon that if this girl did indeed want to return to her world, why not help her? After all if the digidestined.

"Or if you are interested in seeing other elements of the world, I of the Demon Lords could assist you, and you don't have to be tied down to the circumstance and at the Royal Knights becknoning. All we ask is for an exchange, and that is simply supplying us with information, no more no less."

It was clear to Lilithmon that negotiating on the basis of emotion was useless with this one, and she did not mind it. Delegation was something she was rather good at, and it seemed this girl did not fear her nor chose to give her presence out to the other digidestined and the Royal Knights. Her disinterest was all that the Demon Lords needed from the digidestined. If they had no investment in their world, no longer would they be a threat.


"Well..." Luc raised an eyebrow, "They why do you choose to cloak yourself from them? I'm sure you have you reasons but if you were far more than they were, then even their presence would not need a tactical avoidance. But it is perhaps another presence which intrigues you, no?"

"Yes. Aha, power as you are far aware is a necessity within this world. I have power in the human world but this one is of a physical matter. We in the human world have obtained authority through intellect and Pavlovian techniques... our physical power developed through items which assist us. Unfortunately for engaging in this world, my abilities are tied to others, something I have no interest in being weighed down by. I do not accept defeat, I seek other realms of interest. You are perhaps disgusted by myself as much as I am by most of humanity, and I have no longer an interest to interact with them." Luc knew very well how much he hated the rest of humanity, it was that disgust which only caused him the only emotion that came to him.

Luc was not amused at threats as they didn't much work on him. Though Lucemon's power was far greater than his, and though Luc knew that if he did test Lucemon's indulgences the digimon would probably be prone to a harsh rage, Luc did not fear any pain that could come to his physicality. He had no tie to it.

"I doubt you would really want to crush me now, when I am as valuable as for you not to crush me in this very moment. Offering a reward would seem well, to be striking a deal. You have no interest in me alone, but I can assure you that we both will be assisting each other if you can fulfill your end of the bargain. Perhaps it is called pride, but I call it realism. My ability in strength is certainly not comparative to yours but I am certainly better than to be tied down to these other humans, and other digimon. I have always known that I differ from most of humanity, and I chose to value this difference rather than become a defeatist. After all, are anomalies in your world not of great importance whether destructive or beneficial?"

Luc then began to crack his neck, as he listened to the last words of Lucemon, the first thing that came out of this digimon that actually made him in fact consider the follow-through.

"Well now. That proposal is rather interest, though I wonder what your intentions of creating a better world is." Luc tapped his chin with an insatiable interest, "I do not wish for a fallacy of power, however, I will perhaps consider this temporary partnership if you continue your proposal." Luc gave a bit of a chuckle and walked towards the digimon. He wondered what this new world meant to the digimon, though he was unsure, or rather certain that what he idealized of a reformed world was very different from Luc's one envisionment, perhaps it was something worth discussing.

"Now I have a feeling we shall be going somewhere else? I'm tired of this environment."
psychiatriet on August 1st, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
"I would appreciate assistance in returning to my own world for, as you can see, I am currently unable to walk." Jeanette replied evenly, continuing to study the Digimon. Demon Lords? That was rather ominous. Demons were synonymous with evil, yet that was a human perspective, and Jeanette was not so black and white. Demons were evil simply because they possessed power to rival those who would call themselves good. Jealousy and rivalry determined the perspective of good and evil.

"I would welcome the opportunity to study this world and its inhabitants. A Digimon's psyche is both similar and different from a human's, which makes them rather interesting. Although you are mistaken: I am not 'tied down' to those who call themselves Royal Knights, and I certainly do not answer to anyone. I am a psychiatrist, I do what is best for those who ask my aid, whether it is what they would wish me to do or not."

"You seek information? I highly doubt that I have any that is of use to you, yet I shall answer any question you have as best I can. I would also appreciate it if you tell me the reason as to why you are here, for it is clearly not to talk to a creature that you despise."


Lucemon frowned, "Because I came to speak with the Digidestined, and the Royal Knights will attack me on sight. That makes conversation somewhat difficult, does it not? And if you believe that you would survive such a battle, then you are vain and foolish, for you are weak and fragile. You would shatter like glass before the power that would be unleashed. They're time shall come, but when I decree it. This world, and every living thing upon it, is mine to do with as I please."

Lucemon remained silent whilst the boy prattled on. He clearly had no idea what true power was. True power justified itself, it did not come from words or manipulation. Power was an entity unto itself. And it was clear, from the way he preened himself, that he had very little of it.

Lucemon's eyes narrowed, "Do not overstep yourself, boy. There is a limit to my patience. You overstate your value to me, and that is a dangerous assumption to make." That the boy was not cowed by threats was good, yet that he dared to speak back to one who was as god to him was intolerable. At some point, Lucemon would have to teach him his place. A demonstration of his power would suffice, undoubtedly, but he had no particular desire to destroy the Royal Knights now just to satisfy a child's curiousity.

"My reward is the future, in which you shall attain a position of power far beyond your limited fantasies, if you co-operate with me. Your effort to remain what you are, boy, is precisely what limits you and makes you precisely like the other humans you so despise. I offer you TRUE power, that which justifies itself, which grants you the ability to rule worlds. You shall cease to be human and become a god." Lucemon decided to keep it simple. This boy was evidently incapable of comprehending the full scale of his plans.

"My intentions? I would think that would be obvious, boy. This world belongs to me. I have been absent for longer than you could comprehend; the trivial matters of those here are unworthy of my time. However, powers that may rival my own if left unchecked for too long have surfaced, so I intend to destroy them before they overstep themselves. Then I shall advance upon the human world and enslave your species, and then I shall advance to the next world, and the next, and the next, until there are no more worlds for me to bend to my will. Your species will need someone to rule them after I have humbled them. That will be your reward for co-operating with me. My intent, boy, is destruction, on a scale that cannot be comprehended by any. It is as simple as that."

"We wait here. One who accompanied me, Lilithmon, is seeking any more of your kin who would co-operate with me. She will not be long.", at least, she had better not be long, he added to himself in silence. He, too, was beginning to tire of this place.

neoubermensch on August 3rd, 2009 09:26 am (UTC)
(sorry for the slow! I'll finally be able to get on here reasonably after thursday. For now it may be on and off every other day.)

"Well then, allow me." Lilithmon painted with her dark arm a floating bed which shifted beneath Jeanette and then lifted her in the air, "This may may movement more appropriate." The digimon gave a bit of a satisfied smile to the girl. It seemed that she wasn't going to have much problems with this one, though she knew instantly that this digidestined was perhaps more perceptive than the humans that they encountered in the past.

"I'm surprised at your control young one. Not fixated on such weakling human emotions. Perhaps I may be disgusted with you creatures, as you are weak, but the sway of emotions which cloud your perception seem to be well kept at bay. But perhaps it is a bit indulgent of you to prescribe so strongly as to what is appropriate. You may be more suited for the digital world in fact instead of such a human one. After all, they are plagued by their misgivings. My only fault is pledging loyalty to power. Power which you may find intriguing even if it is not something which you should chose to obtain. However, Lucemon and us Lords have chosen a path in correcting and eradicating which becomes unnecessary from this world. You see, we are also choosing to correct which we see unfit, a world imperfect which calls to us to be rectified. Perhaps you would like to come with me and I can introduce you."

Lilithmonth twitched a small finger and slowly let the floating bed near her, leading the girl off to where Lucemon lurked.


"I don't assume." Luc smiled and bowed politely, "I am not on that lives on assumptions, in fact, the idea of chaos is magnificent and beautiful. The patterns are what bore me. I do understand that the power of your world is of different laws of mine, but if you shall say I have no power you are mistaken. We were called to this world, with our own weakness to aid this world for whatever reason. So apparently our human weakness has some benefit. Though I think it's more masturbatory of the creators of this environment."

"My power is of a bit of a difference than yours, but it shall suit for now." Luc added with a bit of an eyebrow. Positions of power were for his father, nothing he wanted. Luc already obtained his position of contentment, he just did not like the reliance on others, but this was a type which was much more suiting to him. "I will not deny that I am as ignorant with this world, as it comes to be."

This digimon, though cloaked in an indulgence of haughty superiority as brought upon by his limited power (though he doubted this Lord would indeed ever admit to his limits) was nothing more than an overpowered version of his father. The digimon may have been foolish enough to think that Luc was of an inferiority but Luc knew simply that this digimon worked on a one track mind, even his purpose of creating a new birth was flawed. Lucemon wanted to stroke his ego... Luc wanted to create a new flood.

"Perhaps we can agree on one key thing. That chaos is the beginning of the rebirth."

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the other digimon coming in frame with, ah, that Jeanette.
psychiatriet on August 3rd, 2009 11:02 am (UTC)
[OOC: No worries~
Oooo, Luc's arrogance is really going to cost him one of these days! Seeing him attempt to banter with Lucemon is amusing, though. XDD]

"Thank you." was all Jeanette said, as she was moved onto the bed. It was quite comfortable, and although it was rather presumptuos of the Digimon to move her to wherever she pleased - Jeanette knew she would not be taken back to her own world - her company was, at least, more interesting than the other humans.

"I observe. Emotions would restrict my ability to do so, so I do not have them." Jeanette replied, a little more interested in the Digimon than she had been previous. She was rather perceptive, for one who was clearly ruled by vanity, and this "Lucemon" character she had mentioned. "Power of any kind does not interest me. What would I do with it if I had it? Power is an illusion, sought by those with superiority and inferiority complexes who feel the need to justify themselves."

"I see." Jeanette studied the Digimon, digesting her words. If nothing else, she was honest about her ideals, which was more than Alphamon had been. "I assume you are taking me to meet with these others now? Very well. I shall always listen to what others have to say. But I shall act as I see fit."


"Life is an assumption, boy. You assume it shall go on, although your end may be closer to you than you think." Lucemon replied evenly, keeping his temper in check. This one was proving to be quite irritating, "You humans act as vessels for the power of Light, which allows Digimon to Digivolve, as I am sure you have seen this by now -you had a Digimon partner, did you not? Weaker Digimon are incapable of growing stronger by themselves, they need you children to provide them with bursts of power. Your ability to manipulate them in this fashion is one of the reasons I desire your aid, but we shall cover that topic at a later point."

Lucemon remained silent at the boy's arrogance. He dared to believe himself a match for Lucemon? He would allow him that. His idiocy would cost him dearly once he had outgrown his usefulness.

"Chaos is the natural state of all things." Lucemon replied, inclining his head in agreement. At least the boy understood SOMETHING. "Let us bring about ruin and forge a new Order, for only those who are worthy. And if there are none who are worthy, let us create them ourselves."

Lucemon followed the boy's wandering gaze to Lilithmon, who had a girl on a bed trailing behind her. He smirked, pleased. She had done very well indeed to find another Digidestined and bring her to him. Perhaps he would find a way to reward her. She would enjoy preying upon the boy, perhaps.

"Ah, Lilithmon, you have returned," Lucemon said aloud, striding past the boy to face her and the Digidestined she had brought with her, "Greetings, Digidestined. My name, as Lilithmon may have told you, is Lucemon. I trust that you have already met your fellow Digidestined here...?" he indicated the boy. Not that it mattered. In fact, all the better if they did not know each other. If the Digidestined had not met, they would not be tied down by feelings of friendship to the others, either. Making their extermination all the easier. Although if they were all as accomodating as these two, Lucemon thought that it might be an idea to attempt to recruit all of them.

"We have met previously." the girl replied, keeping her eyes fixed on Lucemon. Her gaze was empty, betraying none of the usual human emotions. They seemed to take in everything and reveal nothing. Perhaps because there was nothing to reveal. Lucemon was intrigued. She was the complete opposite of the boy, it seemed.

Lucemon inwardly sighed. Humans. Contemptible creatures.
neoubermensch on August 3rd, 2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
[OOC: Lol. Yeah, well what can you do with a boy that has no value in his own life? XD lol ]

"Ah, young child, I would advise you to not repeat those words to Lucemon." Lilithmon blinked a bit worried that this one may overstep her welcome, being so blunt would test her patience, but more so Lucemon's. She knew well that this human could be destroyed easily, and any misgivings would be a final stroke. It was true that Lilithmon herself had no interest in the power which Lucemon so desperately sought, but her loyalty, as much as she had contempt for feeling such, was what it was. Power in this world meant something different than their human world, "A certain element of power is always necessary within our world. In fact you and your fellow humans are merely catalyst used by the digital world. You are all brought here out of little choice, but the choice to follow in that rule of being used as a tool doesn't seem to suit you no? Lucemon, the power he seeks is to bend the rules of this world as they are flawed and not be kept within the bounds of it's natural course. We no longer see fit the need for balance in the digital world, we want to overcome the restrictions of nature itself. Perhaps a bit presumptuous, but... well... You will act of your own accord, of course."

But if Jeanette did act of her own accord and it did not match up with Lucemon, it was very clear that her life would already become disposable. At this point, without a digimon to work as a catalyst for digivolution, she was powerless. And it was not the type of powerless that could be ignored.


"Perhaps, I do not care to be alive." Luc added with a bit of a pause, "I'm not one to scavenge, scraping around as to survive, so perhaps this is the insolence which you dislike within me, but I think you mistake me for having humanistic ties to the realm of reality." Luc was serious in this moment, blinking steadily. He was starting to see once weakness within this digimon itself, it was tied to living.

"However, I am as curious to this mystery as well. You world seems to derive from an evolution of physical power, which seemed to entwine with immediate need. This is a way in which I will gladly work together," Luc's initial need, since the beginning was to understand the birth of this world, and since there was no programmer at hand, it seemed that which is programmed would be of more understanding. This knowledge was the power Luc himself sought.

"Ahaha. I suppose if they were to find another, it would be you? Wouldn't it?" It was true that they had both predicted that the either would have no loyalty and may turn, and well they both may be right. Luc gave a glimmer of a smile towards Jeanette,

"Well now Jenny, won't this be a fun little trip?" Luc laughed mildly to himself. Perhaps the situation couldn't have gone better after all, as he was most intrigued by her still. Though he had little faith in her loyalty to this matter as well, though he supposed her loyalty seemed to fall in place with his own (that being, no where) he knew that in a way she would pose at least for some amusement in regard to this situation.

"She has agreed to come with us." Lilithmon purred, as she set the bed down for a moment. She eyed Luc with curiousity. It would seem that Lucemon was already annoyed with the boy, but not for the reason she would have thought. He did not fear Lucemon, and even she could not understand this. After all, though digimon claim to not be tied down by emotion, perhaps both Lucemon and herself were more tied to emotion than these two children. How very odd indeed.
psychiatriet on August 3rd, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
[OOC: Maim him a little? *shot* XD]

"Cease this meaningless wordplay!" Lucemon snapped, at the end of his patience, "I have wasted enough time on you. I have made you an offer, now make your decision. You either agree and follow me, or you disagree and I end your existence here and now." A faint white and purple aura surrounded Lucemon as his voice raised, flickering erratically, "I offer you a place at my side, but do not dare to assume you are my equal."

"My name is Jeanette. Kindly do not abbreviate it." she replied, locking gazes with him for a moment before returning her gaze to Lucemon, "If you desire my help, Lucemon, I shall be glad to aid you if you explain the situation to me in its entirety. But, as I told your companion here, I shall act as I see fit to resolve the matter."

"Very well, girl. I shall endeavour to explain the situation to you fully, and I shall answer any questions you may have. You will see things my way by the time I am finished, I have no doubt." Lucemon turned his back on the boy, leaving him to Lilithmon's not-so-tender mercy. She could speak with him whilst he dealt with this one. She seemed more accomodating, although her indifference to her situation puzzled Lucemon slightly.

"Is that so? We shall see."

Lucemon smiled, although there was no humour in it, "We shall indeed, girl. We shall indeed."
neoubermensch on August 4th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
[OOC: Lol he is an annoying little bastard XD]

Luc emphatically sighed, "There was little word play, I already said I agree to work with you under the assumption that we will be working on a mutual agreement." He yawned, his eyes slitting looked over to the other two, "Don't worry. I don't dare assume to think I'm you're equal. Do not fret."

He looked back at Jeanette, "I don't know if the one with the hurt leg has much of a say," He giggled, "Plus the nickname is cute, much cuter than such a formal title. And cute fits you."

Lilithmon was smirking as Lucemon chose to display his power, it made her glow with a sense of pride for the Lord. However, her mood soured as she saw the two children. They were so particularly strange. No one in the digital world acted the same as them that she had encountered. They seemed to have no loyalties, or fear. How problematic. Well, at least they seemed to be on their page. Perhaps if they could get the whiff of human off of them and play around with puppeting they would make wise servants. After learning of GranDracomon she turned her studies further on looking at how to control. Though she had her own ability of charming digimon under her spell, she wondered if she could further it into some sort of absolute control. She would tell Lucemon of this later after they were done with the children for the time being. As a master of charm she knew better than Lucemon how to treat guests to make them possibly more accommodating. Though, she would teach them soon of their insolence.

"I feel it is best Lord that we take them to our realm so they can further understand our exaction." She curled her lips at the children with her fingers, "Lucemon, I will speak to you later about things... we will let these two... make themselves comfortable."
psychiatriet on August 4th, 2009 06:58 am (UTC)
[OOC: Yup, which is what makes him so fun. XD]

Lucemon said nothing in response to this. If the boy wished to work under that assumption, he would allow it. In reality, he would serve, but a happy worker was a content worker. He merely nodded and took that as assent. If it wasn't, he could always incinerate the boy later.

Jeanette chose not to reply either, ignoring him. When he had learned to call her by her name, she would speak to him. Otherwise, she would not even pay him the slightest attention. If circumstances were going to force them together, then so be it, but that did not mean she had to have anything to do with him. She did not have time to waste on a teenage boy with the usual hormonal complexes in the face of other, more interesting problems.

"Very well." Lucemon willed a portal into existence, "Step through this. It shall transport you to the interior of the castle we are currently using as our...base of operations, if you will."
He turned to Lilithmon, keeping his voice low so that the children would not hear him, "We shall speak of matters later, then, whilst these children sleep. This is a good start towards fulfilling our plans, yet we have much left to do."
neoubermensch on August 4th, 2009 08:36 am (UTC)
[OOC: Since you're technically modding things, do you want to start the new thread after this?]

Luc took a comfortable stride until he reached the lengths of the portal. It seemed somehow comforting.

"Of course my liege," Lilithmon bowed her head, following after the children steadily. She presumed it would be best to bring them to their quarters and then show them a meal of kings. If anything they were to treat them right, let them feel foolish enough to think that this is a right of power for them. In Lucemon's new world, there would no longer be these twirpy little creatures.

However she knew, that particularly these two, with their lack of sympathies would do well to destroy any bonds the digidestined had. Betrayal is not for the faint of heart.
psychiatriet on August 4th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
[OOC: Its up to you. I don't mind staying on this thread, but since we're moving back to Daemon's Castle, it'll probably get confusing. If you want to make it, thats OK with me, or I'll do it if its more convenient. Either one works for me~
Btw, do you mind me bringing in Daemon? Latte should be bringing in Beelzemon sometime soon hopefully, so we'll be able to get things progressing quicker~]

Lucemon watched the boy stride through the portal, indifferent. He held back a contemptuous snort. That portal could have led to the bottom of the ocean. The boy, for all his bluster, was far too trusting. He was Lucemon's servant, he just didn't realise it yet. Fool.

He felt the girl's eyes on him, and turned to return her gaze. "He is extremely arrogant." was all she said to him, seeming to know exactly what he was thinking. Then she, too, was gone, as the bed carrying her floated through it as well. Lilithmon acknowledged him, then went through herself, leaving him alone for a moment.

Lucemon glanced over his shoulder. It was now quiet; Examon had moved on, and presumably the Digidestined had with him. There were perhaps a few hours left until midnight. Time enough to convince the children - although the boy was more or less convinced - of what must be done before they would need to rest themselves. He could speak with Lilithmon whilst they slept. She clearly had something on her mind and, whilst Lucemon didn't particularly care, he listened to his subordinates. They occasionally provided valid points that he overlooked from time to time.

He turned and walked through the portal. Now, the game began in earnest. Soon, the Demon Lords would make themselves known. And not even GranDracmon would be without fear.
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