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23 July 2009 @ 07:20 pm
Who: Examon, Sleipmon
What: Council.
Where: Freezeland

Examon crusied slowly over Freezeland, admiring the scenery. It was a myriad of blues, whites and greys, and there was a certain beauty about it. Shame it was so damned cold that very little lived out here. Although the frosty atmosphere suited Examon’s current temperament. His usually cheerful exterior had been replaced by a hard determination, and overwhelming sorrow. Alphamon was dead. He had felt the passage of his leader the moment it had happened and, whilst he and Alphamon had never been particularly close, he mourned his passage. Something truly good and great had been destroyed, and the enemy’s power was only going to get stronger. Examon had already crossed paths with several high-level Digimon – although none of them were a match for a Royal Knight such as he – and three of his own former companions. Times were dire and, particularly with Alphamon gone, the remaining Royal Knights needed to combine their power.

Well, might as well start with the most difficult one to convince first. Examon knew he’d find Sleipmon here – miserable git loved his snow and ice, he thought it made him appear cold and aloof, although in Examon’s opinion you only needed to talk to the guy for a couple of minutes to get that opinion – and, at the moment, he was unsure where to find Craniamon and Crusadermon. So he’d start with what he knew and work his way around from there.

Wings spreading wide, Examon landed lightly on top of a small outlook. Here was as good as any place to stop, he supposed. It all looked the same anyway.

“I know you’re here Sleipmon, so you may as well show yourself. Come on, come and greet an old friend. Or do I have blow this place to pieces looking for you?” Examon was only half-joking. If it came to it, he would start blowing things up to get Sleipmon out. He was so annoyingly antisocial sometimes.
examon on July 23rd, 2009 06:48 pm (UTC)
"Nice to see you too, Sleipmon. As cheery as ever, I see." Examon chuckled, his wings swishing around in response.

"Anyway. I guess you know what I've come to talk about." he sobered up instantly, "Alphamon is dead. Killed by Dynasmon in File City. He was no match for him at all, even with that power of his...although he lasted longer against that maniac than I did." Examon winced as he remembered his own encounter with Dynasmon.

"Long story short is that with him gone, we're going to have to work together to protect this world. Like we should have done in the first place, maybe. I know you're not too keen on it - neither am I, to be honest - but if we don't buck our ideas up, we won't have a home for much longer. You think you'll stand a chance against Dynasmon when he comes to get you? Believe me, you won't. Only the Digidestined are going to be able to stop him and his master, GranDracmon. But they aren't going to last long enough if we don't help them."