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Who: Lucemon, Lilithmon, Jeanette and Luc
Where: Native Forest
What: Recruitment!

Lucemon's lips curled up in disgust as something else brushed against him, and he fought down the overwhelming urge to destroy whatever it is. Doing so would likely set the entire forest alight, and whilst he was indifferent to such an idea, he had no real desire to unite all of the Digidestined against him, especially not with two Royal Knights in tow. Lucemon had no doubt that he could easily take down both of the Royal Knights here with ease - Sleipmon's isolation policy left his powers untested and faded, and Examon's blustering was simply a way of disguising his weakness. However, the destruction of the Royal Knights was not his purpose in this outing. The Digidestined were here, and they were his objective. For now, discretion was advisable. He would watch, wait, ascertain their motives, and from that decide how to strike.

A laugh sounded to his right, away from the booming voice of Examon, and Lucemon paused. Using his powers to conceal himself and Lilithmon from sight - a small use of power, which he judged worth the risk, for with the Digidestined in front of him it was likely Examon would not notice, and Sleipmon would not care either way - he moved towards the source of the noise, and was startled to find a human child there, laughing. The boy was near hysterics, and in him Lucemon recognised something that had been plaguing him recently - frustration at a lack of power. The comparison brought a bitter taste to his mouth, but it was true nevertheless. However, this boy lacked focus or discipline. He was caught up in his own world, and he had not yet recognised his limitations. He would be easy to sway. He backed away and looked to Lilithmon.

"It would appear that fate has been kind to us. I shall speak with the boy. You shall scout the nearby area, for if one of the Digidestined chose not to answer Examon's call, there may be others who are not so accomodating. If you find one, bring them to me, although do not use force. Use that charm that you are so proud of. Go.", turning his back on her, Lucemod strode boldly out of cover and towards the boy. He stopped a few feet away from him, making no threatening gestures. Although if this boy could recognise power, he would see his presence alone as a threatening gesture. If he could not, he was worse than useless to Lucemon and he may as well annihilate them on the spot.

"Your presence in the Digital World speaks for itself, boy. You are Digidestined. My name is Lucemon, and I have an offer for you." he paused, gauging the boy's reaction.